Feature Selection From Traffic Analysis For Computer Network Backdoor Detection

Attacks on computer networks happen every day, but many go undetected. Not all attacks succeed, but the ones that do often leave so called “back doors” behind that allow the attackers to easily gain access back into the computer network without having to attack it further. This project focuses on the use of mathematics and statistics to determine what features of network traffic (the data flowing on the wire between a computer network and the rest of the internet) can be used to determine if an unauthorized back door is present in a computer network.

Development of Cost-Effective Solutions for Energy Management in Smart Buildings

The proposed research aims at developing control strategies under the paradigm of Demand Response (DR) in the context of the Smart Grid in order to improve energy efficiency and to reduce operational cost in commercial buildings and communities. The emphasis will be put on consumer side energy management strategies that able to balance energy demand and supply and to reduce the overall operational cost while providing an enhanced performance.

Re-engineering business process of an insurance broker group

This project aims to identify and fix the gaps in existing business processes of commercial insurance brokers group. In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, I plan to redesign the processes to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the service quality by developing workflow management system for the organization. Workflow management system deals with supporting business processes in the organization.

GPU Scheduler Modeling for Early Power-Performance Estimation of Mobile Applications

User experience and battery life are key concerns for smartphone makers. Given the growing trend of graphic-rich applications on mobile devices, embedded Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are increasingly being incorporated in smartphone hardware platforms. In this project the intern will develop fast, early and accurate models of embedded GPUs, before the GPU hardware is available.

Selective Compression of Live Digital Video Frames for Power-friendly Wireless Transmission and Efficient Reconstruction

The project is aimed at implementing real-time processing techniques for video acquisition, compression and transmission. The project focuses on defining solutions in order to solve constraints within the system related to bandwidth and the battery energy of the sensor. Depending on the application, the acquisition and compression procedures could be based on extracting significant features and compressing them in a lossless fashion followed by data transmission over a wireless channel.

Monitoring power system small-signal rotor angle stability under ambient operating conditions

An electrical power system is designed to provide safe and reliable supply to customers. However well designed the system, disturbances are unavoidable during the operation and the system should be able to continue secure operation. In fact, if it can be early determined that the system is moving towards an unsecure region, the operators can take necessary safety actions to keep the system secure. Thus, the main goal of this study is to develop novel techniques to monitor the stability of an electrical power system in real time.

Security in Ultra Large Software Systems

Ultra large software systems play an increasing important role in our lives. They are systems such as the world wide banking system, mobile communications systems, social networks, online retailers and online gaming systems. Ultra large software systems are critical and failures in the systems can critically impact the economic health of companies, markets and even countries.

Vestibular Response Pattern Recognition in Relation to Concussion

This proposal presents research projects to evaluate a new technology, Electrovestibulography (EVestGTM) that holds potential to objectively, quickly and quantitatively measure the severity of concussion, thus aiding in its diagnosis. EVestG signals are recorded painlessly and non-invasively from the external ear in response to a vestibular stimulus; they are the brain signals modulated by the vestibular response. When concussed, people commonly experience balance (vestibular) problems and dizziness, as well as confused thinking.

Affective mechanisms for interactive environments

The proposed internship, developed between the University of Waterloo and Philip Beesley Architect Inc. (PBAI), will develop and validate prototypes for novel expressive interactive sculpture environments. The work incorporates human perceptual studies and machine learning techniques for generating models for perception and generation of affective expression within experimental architecture and installations, and systematically deriving the relationship between affect and structure.

Beyond the Book

The ultimate aim of this project is to design and develop methods and tools for classifying attributes of books such as genre, style, tone, and likelihood of being popular. Towards this end we will make use of various information types available on books and users of the Kobo catalog, including the text, meta-data associated with the text, and user features associated with readers of the text. This is a large undertaking.