Energy Management and Control System for Off-Grid System

The goal of this research is to facilitate utilization of solar energy in Caribbean islands. Currently, the Caribbean islands mainly depend on the scarce oil-based energy resources. This research will assess and define cost effective suitable solar-PV technology with storage and associated energy management and control system for utilization of the solar energy resources available in the Caribbean Islands. The proposed research will minimize operational cost, enable efficient distribution and utilization of energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

Feasibility of a pressure retarded osmosis process for Quebec electricity generation

Osmotic power or salinity gradient energy is one type of the renewable energies which is produced by mixing fresh water with salt water. This new environmental friendly energy based on the advantages such as carbon dioxide free and generating power continuously seems to be a good option in which to invest as it will be highly beneficial to Quebec. This project looks to develop expertise related to osmotic power. A pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) power test unit will be designed and installed in Quebec. This will be the first osmotic power system in North America.

Datalink Processing System (DLPS) - Research and Development - Naval to Air Force Replatforming

The IBM DLPS software is used to provide an intelligent interface system that enables a ship’s Command System to interface to Tactical Data Links for the exchange of information with other friendly units. The DLPS software integrates the ship's Command System data with the tactical networks of data links. IBM would like to expand and modernize the DLPS solution through the use of new technologies and improved software programming techniques. Our proposed research will develop a framework consisting of reverse engineering tools and methods to assist in the evolution of the DLPS software.

Frost removal in the presence of an electric field on a fin and tube evaporator

High voltage electrodes will be used to remove the frost from the front part of the fin and tube evaporator inside the case of the refrigeration system provided by the company. Over the period of a few hours the frost buildup can become quite substantial on the fin leading edge. It is expected that the electrostatic forces will affect the way that frost forms on the surface and the efficiency of the evaporator can be increased. This defrosting system leads to better performance of the refrigeration system and increasing the time between the traditional defrosting cycles.

Antenna array feasibility study

Disruptive antenna technologies are required to provide performance and fabrication advantages in developing broadband wireless application products in emerging upper microwave and millimeterwave radio bands. The internship will investigate the feasibility of applying Polymer-based Dielectric Resonator Antenna (PRA), technology developed at the University of Saskatchewan, to commercial antenna array applications.

Design of an efficient DOCSIS 3.1 upstream cable modem termination system receiver operating in OFDMA and S-CDMA modes

The widespread availability of broadband internet has transformed Canadian life. However, the increasing volume of data traffic strains the “last mile” access networks that deliver broadband internet to individual premises. The cable industry has responded with updates to the dominant standard for cable modems (CMs) and cable modem termination systems (CMTSs), known as DOCSIS. The latest revision, DOCSIS 3.1, was released on October 29, 2013, and promises great improvements for the delivery of broadband internet through cable.

CADSIM Plus simulator, evolutionary algorithms, rule based expert system, neural network

In industries, chemical processes involve different plants running in parallel with different production rates under the strict constraints on available resources. Therefore, events like shutdown of one or more plants, operating plants with different production grades with flexible run length time, equipment utilization rates of different plants etc. are vital to be studied, scheduled, and optimized. CADSIM Plus is a popular software which simulates different chemical processes in industries and thus ensures an effective production in practice.

Application of Short-Reach Optical Interconnects to Information and Communications Technology Systems

This project will allow the research group at Ericsson Canada Inc. to produce in less time more R&D results and proof of concept related to short-reach optical interconnects applied to ICT systems. This will keep the interest of the mother company in Sweden and help us attract other interesting R&D mandates in Ericsson Montreal to eventually create new local employment positions.

Programmable Forwarding Plane

In recent years, the rise of ultrabooks and mobile devices has been accompanied by an ever-increasing need for reliable high-bandwidth wireless communications. Their widespread use, combined with the industry’s move to virtualized cloud services, has put additional pressure on the Internet’s back-end infrastructure. Moreover, this increased load has coincided with a progressive shift in use-cases, as customers expect dependable and secure low-latency Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) communications, fast software downloads and an almost instantaneous streaming of content.

Lie Group Statistical Analysis of Human Movement

Statistical analysis of 3-dimensional motions of objects or humans is instrumental to establish how these motions differ, depending on various influences or parameters. When such motions involve no stretching or tearing, they may be described by the elements of the Special Euclidean Group. Statistical analysis of physical processes of this kind is complicated by the basic properties of the group; for example, by the fact that the arithmetic average of two rotations is not a rotation. Algorithms developed by Mr.