Choosing the game and the stakes in a casino: A service pricing problem with many substitutable services

At any given time, a casino has to decide which table games to present to its customers and what betting limits to place on those tables. Understanding that a table games is a service and that the table limit is pricing, this is a classic service pricing problem. However, the number of tables and the fact that we can assign many different games to them leads to the novel research question: How do you which services to offer at what prices when customers have different preferences for each option?

Understanding Event-based Interactions in Enterprise Web Applications

JavaScript is widely used today to create interactive web applications that replace many traditional desktop applications. However, understanding the behaviour of web applications is a challenging endeavour for developers. Despite its importance and challenges, there is currently not much research dedicated to supporting program comprehension for web applications and popular industrial tools, such as Firebug and Chrome DevTools, are limited in their capabilities to support web developers effectively.

Wireless Asset Tracking and Locating System

Proposed research project consists of finding a suitable solution to the problem of tracking assets in environments with different constraints. The solution is expected to include the development of geolocation algorithm and then based on the algorithm creating schematics of several modules with transceivers, embedding of required low level software to the selected microcontroller controlling the transceivers, developing high level software for server side data management and client side monitoring and control.

Low-Power Signal Processing Algorithms for an Athletic Performance Monitor

GestureLogic is building a product that optimizes athletic performance. The product is a wearable sensory network that monitors muscle activity. The goal of this research is to take this inherently complex muscle data that is acquired by the sensory network and translate it to useful biometrics for the consumer with the help of intelligent algorithms. The algorithms will help intuitively visualize important metrics such as strength of muscle contractions, heart rate and fatigue. The benefit to the partner organization is twofold.

Low-Temperature Single-Crystalline Electronics for Smart Displays

The display industry has witnessed rapid growth, in both volume and diversification. In recent years, this trend is expected to persist with continued consumer demand, for example, a wide range of devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS map readers, portable DVD players, and electronic books, as well as the ubiquitous mobile phone and laptop computers, are integrated into one display or smart display.

UranOS: a Cloud-based Resource Management Framework for High Dimensionality Search Optimization

Multidisciplinary automated design-optimization (MDO) is a rapidly growing field of interest in sectors as diverse as architecture, engineering, science, and more. Often the computational cost of doing such optimization can be staggeringly high, requiring hundreds of computers connected through high-performance networks with complex custom designed software to support it.

Energy Management and Control System for Off-Grid System

The goal of this research is to facilitate utilization of solar energy in Caribbean islands. Currently, the Caribbean islands mainly depend on the scarce oil-based energy resources. This research will assess and define cost effective suitable solar-PV technology with storage and associated energy management and control system for utilization of the solar energy resources available in the Caribbean Islands. The proposed research will minimize operational cost, enable efficient distribution and utilization of energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

Feasibility of a pressure retarded osmosis process for Quebec electricity generation

Osmotic power or salinity gradient energy is one type of the renewable energies which is produced by mixing fresh water with salt water. This new environmental friendly energy based on the advantages such as carbon dioxide free and generating power continuously seems to be a good option in which to invest as it will be highly beneficial to Quebec. This project looks to develop expertise related to osmotic power. A pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) power test unit will be designed and installed in Quebec. This will be the first osmotic power system in North America.

Datalink Processing System (DLPS) - Research and Development - Naval to Air Force Replatforming

The IBM DLPS software is used to provide an intelligent interface system that enables a ship’s Command System to interface to Tactical Data Links for the exchange of information with other friendly units. The DLPS software integrates the ship's Command System data with the tactical networks of data links. IBM would like to expand and modernize the DLPS solution through the use of new technologies and improved software programming techniques. Our proposed research will develop a framework consisting of reverse engineering tools and methods to assist in the evolution of the DLPS software.

Frost removal in the presence of an electric field on a fin and tube evaporator

High voltage electrodes will be used to remove the frost from the front part of the fin and tube evaporator inside the case of the refrigeration system provided by the company. Over the period of a few hours the frost buildup can become quite substantial on the fin leading edge. It is expected that the electrostatic forces will affect the way that frost forms on the surface and the efficiency of the evaporator can be increased. This defrosting system leads to better performance of the refrigeration system and increasing the time between the traditional defrosting cycles.