Assistive applications for smartphones

The proposal is for two projects designed in conjunction with Nokia and CanAssist in the research theme of assistive applications for smartphones. The first project focuses on support for the growing senior population, designed to help seniors retain independence for as long as safely feasible. The second focuses on support for individuals with visual disabilities, designed to use smartphones to convert the visual information into voice information for way finding and navigation.

Design and validation of an ear canal simulator for EVestG Evaluation

The proposed research is to design, develop and validate an artificial ear-canal that simulates the electrical noise conditions that exist when taking EVestG measurements by associated bio-signal amplifiers. Such a simulator will allow the rapid, rational and accurate refinement of such amplifiers and tympanic electrode; it will also allow improvements to be made to the developed signal extraction software algorithms.

Surgical simulator design and evaluation using game engine technology

Surgical training is increasingly being done using simulator technology in order to teach basic skills to residents without risking patients’ lives. However, neurosurgery lags behind other surgical specialties in the adoption of simulators. Since there are no commercial simulators in this domain, the National Research Council has embarked on a neurosurgery simulator development program, in collaboration with Canadian neurosurgeons.

Gallium nitride processes for efficient low loss power transistors

The project’s aim is to develop a comprehensive technological platform for the fabrication of GaN-based electronics devices for applications in telecommunications and power generating and management systems. As of this date, the progress relative to this technology has been excellent and sustained. Our team has now established the most advanced fabrication expertise for GaN-based devices among Canadian universities, and state-of-the-art high electron mobility transistors are now routinely fabricated. Technologies around the epitaxial growth of GaN-based materials are also to be developed.

Bootstrapping yield curves

Financial market’s stability depends on the accurate pricing of financial products traded in the market. This makes accurate pricing of products a top priority for the banks and financial instruments. Inaccurate prices can lead to instability in the market and formation of bubbles. This leads into market crashes such as the 2008 crash where the housing prices bubble caused the market crash. This project’s aim is to develop a tool for the bank to price financial products. This tool will provide the information required for pricing a product.

Efficient signal processing and Radio Resource Management (RRM) for coordinated multi-node downlink transmission in heterogeneous cellular networks

A significant challenge in the design of fourth generation (and beyond) cellular systems is the reliable delivery of high speed (up to 1 gigabit per second) wireless data to mobile users. The use of techniques involving multiple antennas at the transmitters and receivers is a key step toward this goal. However, interference from adjoining cells is a primary impediment to such techniques reaching their full potential, especially for users in regions near the cell boundaries.

Enabling maximum penetration of distributed generations without violating protection system coordination

Driven by economic, technical and environmental reasons, the energy sector is moving into an era where Distributed Generation (DG) will meet a large segment of increasing electrical energy demand. Local distribution companies are required to accept a given percentage of customer-owned renewable DG units in their system. Generally, DG introduces new possibilities such as shaving of peak loads and reliability enhancement.

Development of a miniaturized device for optical reading of the quantum semiconductor biosensor

In our experiments with semiconductor microstructures, such as those used for the fabrication of light emitting diodes (LED), our team has discovered that popular LED devices could also be used for the detection of micro-organisms that come in contact with the device. As a result of our almost 5 years of research, we have demonstrated the operation of an LED-like photonic biosensor capable of rapid (less than 2 hours) detection of E. coli.

Control of grid-connected converters for electric vehicle distributed generation application

A hi-directional converter is proposed to implement the integration of electric vehicle to the grid and household electric system. The proposed converter has two stages: a grid-connected convener. and a dc/de converter. The grid-connected converter can operate in three modes. The first of which is a battery charger. The grid-connected wi II control the power factor to unity and regulate the de bus voltage and control the input current harmonics to be low.

Architecture exploration for high-integrated and low-cost avionic systems

Digital avionics systems of today are designed for the most part with embedded computers. These computers run safety-critical real-time applications such as flight management systems (FMS) and flight control systems (FCS). Even if avionics use conservative technologies, economic concerns are constantly pushing for changes. Space, weight, power and cooling (SWaP-C) considerations are gaining importance in the aviation industry. High fuel and maintenance costs encourage aircraft manufacturers to reduce the footprint of new models.