Enhancement of power system security using synchrophasor data

This research project investigates how to improve the security of operation of a power system using measurements taken at several locations of the power system. In the past, there was no technology available to synchronize these measured data, and thus the applications were limited. Now, the technology has advanced and the measured data can be synchronized using Global Positioning Satelittes (GPS). We investigate two different approaches for enhancing system stability and thus security.

Performance assessment of a high efficiency 1000x concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) system

Meeting the growing energy demands in a sustainable fashion is one of the greatest challenges of this century. This projects aims to evaluate a promising renewable energy source: concentrated photovoltaics (CPV). The configuration developed by our partner promises to offer utility-scale solar power at competitive prices, making it a viable alternative. It is based on large steel and glass structures that focus the incident light to reach over 1000x concentration onto a large array of high performance triple junction photovoltaic cells.

Real-time Analytics and Decision Support for Patient Flow Management

Large community hospitals and teaching hospitals in Ontario operate at congestion levels most of the time. This translates into long wait times for the patients, cancelled procedures, undue stress for the clinical staff, and inefficiency in hospital operations. In order to address the bottlenecks in patient flows, decisions are made by the clinical staff based on incomplete data which may be several hours to several days old, manually, in an ad hoc manner.

EEG Signal Processing as a Predictor of Anti-Depressant Response

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a serious mental condition that often completely debilitates a client. MDD is typically treated with one of several currently available antidepressant medications. However, the response rate to any of these medications is only about 30%. Unfortunately, there are currently no means for a priori assessment of whether a specific person will respond to a particular medication. Thus, in prescribing a treatment for MDD, the psychiatrist must by necessity resort to a trial-and-error procedure.

Hardware-in-Loop Simulation and Test Facility for Re-Purposed Battery Energy Storage Systems

Hybrid vehicles have been in use for well over a decade now and have gained momentum in popularity ever since. When these vehicles reach their end of life, their battery packs often have a considerable amount of residual life. Although their state-of-health may not be suitable for vehicular application any longer, they can be re-used in a different setting where they can store and provide energy for remote and off-grid loads such as small communities in the North.

Investigating the Non-linear characteristics of EVestG signals in healthy controls and those of Meniere's Disease

Dizziness is among the top three reasons that patients seek medical attention, and one of the most common disabling conditions that humans face. One of the diseases that may cause dizziness is Meniere’s disease, which its correct and timely diagnosis and separation from other causes of dizziness with current techniques are quite challenging.