MiX – Motion Caption (MOCAP)-in-XNA (Xbox New Architecture)

XNA (Xbox New Architecture) allows independent game/digital-media content developers to build, deploy, and publish games on the Xbox360 and PC platforms. The technical objective of this project is to bridge Vicon Motion Capture technology (used to record movement and translate that movement on to a digital model) with XNA to allow the users (special effects directors, game designers, or producers) the ability to see the Real Time Visualization (immediate visual feedback of animations within a digital environment) of Motion Capture data on the PC and Xbox360 platforms using XNA.

Detecting Malicious Insiders in Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud Computing represents a significant shift in how computing resources and services are being used. While it opens up an era of promising innovations, it raises significant security challenges which must be addressed for ubiquitous adoption of the technology. Malicious insider activities have been identified as one of the top threats faced by cloud environments. The purpose of the current MITACS proposal is to research and develop an insider detection scheme for cloud computing environment based on user behavioral activities and patterns.

Real-time embedded sensor and wireless technology for next generation mobile machine control devices

The intern will be working on enabling real-time navigation products for machine control applications. The real-time aspect of the project will help improve guidance and control systems for applications such as autonomous steering of precision agriculture tractors and combines. The intern will work to reduce the latencies of the navigation solution to the guidance actuation system. TPI is working with a machine control customer that will use this technology for autonomous steering control of machinery in North America, Europe and Russia.

Optimum Biometric Authentication Scheme Based on Polar Codes

In this project, we consider a biometric authentication scheme as a beneficial and alternative approach for traditional cryptographic authentication systems. Our goal here is to design the component of a biometric authentication scheme, such that the leakage information about the biometric template and  the related secret key to the person who has access to the stored data is minimized. For this purpose, we model this scheme as two communications systems: namely as an XOR channel and a wiretap channel.

Appearance Based SLAM (ASLAM) for Indoor/Outdoor Urban Terrain

The objective of this project is the research of multi-sensor Appearance Based SLAM (ASLAM) system for day/night operations in indoor and outdoor environments. These algorithms would perform place recognition based on multiple sensor data (imagery, laser, and radar) gathered from a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) as it travels through the environment. When the vehicle returns to a previously visited scene, the ASLAM algorithm will recognize the scene, update its internal representation, report this to the UGV.