Feature-based process modelling and customized software development for adopting ISO 10002 and ISO 10004 in Food Industry

Several customer satisfaction problems are identified in service industry as the causes of inefficiencies, and then further they could potentially lead to value destruction and loss of competitiveness. Such emerging organizational threats can be turned into opportunities by integrating a customer satisfaction management module into the existing operating software tool.

3D RFM SLAM for UAVs Subject to Severe Vibration

The first step for any robot to achieve true autonomy is to create a map of its surroundings and localize itself within this map at the same time. This is popularly known as the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) problem. Although much theory has been developed over the years to solve the SLAM problem, researchers have been having difficulties in real-world application. This is because sensors and actuators onboard a robot are always corrupted by noise. In particular, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) face additional difficulties that land vehicles do not.

Development of Computer Vision-based Intelligent Control System for Drones

In recent years, the small-scale drones have gained a growing interest in industry and in academia since they are widely available and have many potential applications. The integration of intelligent camera into drone systems broadens the range of potential drone applications and enhances the performance of the drone. However, how to design and implement the computer vision-based control algorithms on the drone with limited computational resources is very challenging.

System Engineering Methodology for Implementation of Networked Aircraft Control Systems on Distributed Integrated Modular Architecture

Bombardier started a few years ago the development of new architectures for aircraft control systems in a of a larger Internal R&D activity named XDIMA: Highly Integrated Control Systems on Distributed Integrated Modular Architecture. The main hurtle along this activity has been the increase in complexity which requires changes of best engineering practice. One of the main objectives of the proposed R&D project is the definition and evaluation of a novel approach to complex systems design: Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). MBSE will be used to explore new Aircraft systems Architectures.

Development of an integrated microfluidic technology platform to assess fluid parameters at reservoir-relevant conditions

Recovering oil from underground reservoirs carries environmental and financial risks that can be minimized with prior knowledge of what fluids are there and how to efficiently extract them. Currently, fluid flow behaviour can be measured at reservoir conditions in large pressurized vessels capable of up to 150 atmospheres and 300°C, but measurements can take weeks to complete. As an alternative, Interface Fluidics is developing a miniaturized pressure vessel where fluid behaviour can be completely visually mapped in under a day and at comparatively low cost.

Wind turbine drive-train condition monitoring

As well as being green, wind energy is one of the cheapest ways of generating electricity and it is currently the most common generating technology for new installations in Canada. Wind farm owners, however, are finding that key turbine components, such as the generators and gearboxes, can fail long before the 20 year lifetime that is normally assumed. This project will develop methods to use the outcomes of monitoring those components to develop techniques to improve the detection of component faults and allow better and cheaper scheduling of maintenance.

Radio Acoustical Virtual Environment: from Lab to Field - Year 2

In a world that is getting noisier and as more people are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss the NSERC-EERS industrial research chair in in-ear technologies (CRITIAS) and its industrial partner EERS, have joined forces to address the existing issues in hearing protection devices (HPD). Difficulties in communication is the most prevalent reason why HPDs are not worn in noisy environments. The goal of this project is to enhance communication for talkers wearing HPDs in noise. This is done by capturing speech from inside the occluded ear, denoising it and extending its frequency bandwidth.

EARtrode, a wireless in-ear custom-fitted intelligent brain computer interface - Year 2

Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) can directly translate human intentions into discrete commands, bypassing the motor system. Most non-invasive BCI systems currently in use are based on electroencephalography (EEG) recording technology. While traditional EEG-based BCIs achieve high information transfer rates, these systems have two major limitations. First, they cannot be used in daily life as they do not tolerate natural movements. Second, the equipment, a cap or headband and electrodes, would be inadequate for social settings.

Journeys to Engagement: Ambient Activity Technologies for Managing Behaviours in Dementia

The objective of this project is to work with an industrial partner (Eclectic Industries Inc.) to design an activity tracker for institutionalized individuals with dementia. In our previous work with Eclectic Industries Inc., we refined and evaluated Ambient Activity Technology (AAT). AAT is a wall-mounted interactive tool (accessible anytime) designed for people with dementia to encourage physical, cognitive and social engagement. The displayed content is meaningful and personalized to the resident (e.g., favourite music, family photos).

Characterizing thermo-mechanical treatment of laser processed NiTi shape memory alloys

Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are metallic alloys which can undergo deformation and return to their original form when heated above their characteristic transformation temperature. Due to their unique properties, SMAs have found use in the aerospace, robotics, biomedical, and automotive industries, among others. Traditional SMAs are limited to one distinct transformation temperature per individual component, limiting their potential applications. Smarter Alloys Inc.