On a characterization of thin-film silicon

The conventional form of hydrogenated amorphous silicon, prepared through plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, has proven itself to be a useful material for a wide range of device applications. It has been shown that the hydrogen atoms that reside within hydrogenated amorphous silicon are responsible for its favorable electronic properties, these hydrogen atoms passivating the dangling bonds that are present within this material.

Visual enhancement in normal and abnormal visual system

Vision loss related to malfunctioning of the brain have always been believed to be unrecoverable in adults. Novel treatments, however, have shown the opposite. Visual stimulation is a computer-based system which devised visual stimuli are presented to participants. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive technique to deliver an electric current to the brain. Both treatments have shown promising results on recovering vision in participants with amblyopia (lazy eye) and in the ones who lost it following a stroke. We will study the benefits of combining these two techniques.

UBCO-FortisBC collaborative research partnership: Rehabilitation options analysis for dewatering systems in power generation facilities

The dewatering systems in the FortisBC hydropower generation facilities need long-term rehabilitation solutions. The purpose of this project is to develop a risk assessment model for the dewatering systems of hydropower generation facilities, and to identify the best long-term rehabilitation solutions for such facilities. Recommendation on long-term maintenance and rehabilitation will be provided on the basis of failure risk, safety risk, maintainability, costs, and environmental impacts.

Integration of smart sensing fabric in a DVT pressure stocking

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), formation of blood clot in deep vein usually in leg, has severe health complications that can lead to disability or death. Applying a cyclic pressure can improve blood circulation and may prevent DVT. This cyclic pressure can be implemented via mobile compression socks (MCS). However, MCS only apply static pressure, which reduces the effectiveness of the MSC. The Toyo team has developed and patented a compression stocking capable of applying cyclic pressure.

Performance-Based Seismic Assessment of Irregular Bridges

The current project is designed to assess the level of damage that a realistic irregular bridge will undergo after the occurrence of an earthquake. This study encourages an improved understanding of post-seismic return to service and repair of an irregular bridge. A more sophisticated approach will be used to analyze the complex vibrations of the bridge in response to a seismic excitation and to simulate the progressive collapse of the bridge during an earthquake.

Impact Fatigue Testing for Soil Openers

This project focus on designing a fatigue cycling machine to test soil openers for low cycle, impact fatigue. This process begins by identifying and characterizing the load in case, and then continue into detailed design, fabrication and commissioning. Characteristics such as robustness, reliability and safety will be strongly emphasised. This testing machine will then form a basis for further research on opener design.
It is very important to test the soil openers before releasing them, to assure that the customers that acquire them will not have problem during their seeding period.

Content Delivery Networks to the Home

CONTENT Delivery Networks (CDNs) are large distributed infrastructures of replica servers placed in strategic locations. They deliver content to end-users with reduced latency by replicating content on surrogate servers. However they face a major challenge when content is delivered to end-users accessing a same content in home settings: inefficient bandwidth usage in the access network. There are as many streams from the replica server as end-users accessing the same content.

Occurrence and physicochemical properties of organic matter found in phosphate ores

The proposed research project is aimed at detailed characterization of organic matter found in certain types of phosphate ores. The presence of organic compounds often complicates the beneficiation of such ores to produce a fertilizer-grade phosphate concentrate. Further advances in the treatment of such problematic phosphate ores require a thorough understanding of the nature and distribution of organic compounds within phosphate ores.

Design Tool for the Thermal Performance of Stormwater Ponds

This project will develop a design tool that can be used by consultant engineers who design these ponds and by the regulatory agencies, including our partner organization (the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority) to assess if a stormwater management pond will meet the thermal objectives for the protection of sensitive aquatic life, including the permanent pool volume, drawdown time, length-to-width ratio, number of berms, optimal depth, and the bottom-draw outlet position for a given pond.

Corrosion inhibitor for potash mining and processing plants

We propose to mitigate corrosion in potash mining and processing plants by introducing corrosion inhibitor to potash brine solutions. We will screen and formulate a cost-effective corrosion inhibitor that is compatible to potash mining and processing operation, but does not degrade quality of potash products and still provides high corrosion inhibition performance.