An Integrated Evaluation and Planning System for Supporting Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources

Groundwater over-extraction and the associated adverse effects have raised significant concerns. In order to respond to the urgent calls for effective management approaches and control actions, this study aims to develop an innovative groundwater evaluation and planning system by integrating water balance modelling, system optimization, scenario analysis and capability assessment.

Virtual Prototyping of Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Architecture for Design Optimization

Hybrid vehicle technology is an important and exciting area of research. This internship is with Azure Dynamics, a BC company that designs and manufactures hybrid powertrains for commercial vehicles. The intern’s research will examine state-of-the-art hybrid vehicle powertrain architectures to determine the performance capabilities of the various designs, perform performance and cost analysis and conduct system optimization to identify the optimal design.

Statistical Characterization of Real-World Distributed System Workloads

Enquisite Software provides analytical services to corporate clients through the “mining” of data detailing how the clients’ customers interact with the clients’ Internet points-of-presence. To facilitate this work, Enquisite collects a continuous stream of client interaction data, which is stored in an Enquisite-held repository, over which Enquisite clients perform on-demand queries for business actionable knowledge.

Building Information Model for the Automation of Residential Design and Construction

This research project will automate construction drawings for wood framing designs and apply them on site to residential facilities under construction by Landmark Master Builder. By utilizing 3D modelling, the intern will produce automatically-generated sets of construction drawings that can be easily read and understood by carpenters and framers who assemble wall panels, thus eliminating the drafting time involved in such operations. The intern will also provide an exact take-off list of materials required for construction and an optimization model.

Residential Construction Material Waste Minimization

The objective of this research is to develop a comprehensive material waste minimization program in order to enhance sustainable development and promote innovation in the residential construction field. The scope of the research will include the identification and detailed examination of the factors that contribute to residential construction material wastes, the investigation of opportunities for automation of existing methods and processes as alternatives to current practices and the implementation of best practice concepts to minimize construction waste in the industry.

Numerical Weather Modelling for Predicting Hazardous Situations in Power Transmission Networks

The goal of this internship project is to develop a system for numerical modelling of the weather conditions contributing to the heightened risk of transmission system outages. A regular weather forecasting will be enhanced by specific models of the risk increasing factors, such as strong winds, freezing rain or lightening. The enhanced model will help to identify the time and location where hazardous situations are likely to occur, allowing users to make informed decisions regarding potential risk sectors and planning future expansions of existing transmission networks.

Mathematical Modelling of Planing Hull Motions in Waves

In the marine and offshore industry, the safety of small vessels such as life boats and fast rescue crafts is a critical issue to designers, operators and regulation bodies. It concerns not only the reliable design, but also the safe training and operation. Accurate prediction of small vessel motions in waves is essential to the design process. On the training side, it is important to avoid exposing trainees to dangerous and extreme conditions. The ideal solution is high-fidelity simulation which also requires accurate prediction of vessel motion.

Real-time Reproduction of Statistical Accurate Distributed System Workloads

Enquisite Software provides analytical services to corporate clients through the “mining” of data detailing how client customers interact with the clients’ Internet-point of presence. To facilitate this work, Enquisite actively collects a continuous stream of client interaction data which is stored in its repository, on which Enquisite clients perform on-demand queries for business actionable knowledge.

Security Assertion Checking & Enforcement Using Monitors

The goal of this project is to develop a new set of procedures and tools for testing the security of running software systems using a technique based on the concept of monitor. Monitors are systems which observe and analyze the behavior of a second system. The monitor will be designed as an external system that uses software “hooks” in the existing system to insert and extract information. This framework will allow the checking of assertions and the reporting of exceptions.

Transport Phenomena in Bulk CdTe Production

5N Plus produces commercial quantities of bulk compound semiconductors including CdTe and CdZnTe. These compounds are novel x-ray and gamma ray detectors and are expected to greatly reduce the cost and complexity of medical and industrial imaging devices such as MRI machines and airport scanners. The intern will apply electromagnetic fields and thermal forcing to improve the reliability and yield of compound semiconductor production systems.