Research on Optimal Interaction Engagement Strategies between the “The Thingery” Community Sharing Platform and Its Users with a Focus on Mobile Development

The Thingery Sharing Inc. is the logistics provider and parent organization of community lending libraries known as Thingeries located throughout the Lower Mainland of BC. Prior social impact research was conducted to identify and understand the impact that a Thingery has on the social connectivity and ecological footprint of its members for ongoing analysis and planning. The focus of this project is to conduct extensive research into how members can optimally interact with The Thingery and create a detailed user flow analysis for their mobile application development.

Mobile Field Analytics Integration

VeriGrain is in the agricultural automated sampling and data management business. By providing representative sampling of the harvested grain provides the grain characteristics for maximum profit, helps to determine the risk of spoilage and helps farmers eliminate downgraded and rejected loads of grain at the terminal. Currently the samples are taken at the farm and are sent off for lab analysis to determine the quality and characteristics of the grain. However, advancements in technology through spectral analysis provide the opportunity to move some of the lab analysis out to the field.

Journalism Product Innovation and Audience Engagement at The Conversation Canada

The Conversation Canada (TCC) is an independent news startup that specializes in short-form, evidence-based explanatory journalism written by experts in universities and curated by professional journalists. TCC is supported by a consortium of universities, agencies, and governments. News articles are freely available online and may be republished at no cost under a Creative Commons license. In 2018 The Conversation Canada published nearly 1,000 stories, and has around 1.3 million monthly views, two-thirds from outside Canada.

Mapping Social Media Use in Kyrgyzstan: A Pilot Study

The research analyzes the structures of social networks, the varying uses of social media and information diffusion among social networking sites’ users in Kyrgyzstan as a pilot study and possibly expand in a subsequent project to Central Asia. We will study social media consequences on politics, the rise of populism, democracy, equality, participation, diversity, deliberation, privacy, surveillance, community building, informal social networks, public sphere and everyday life. The information heterogeneity of social media content in Kyrgyzstan will also be analyzed in this research.

Food Convergent Innovation Canada Start-Up:Developing data and methods to support the digital backbone of the agri-food system in the Covid19 context

Food Convergence and Integrity (FCI) Canada is being formed to help agri-food companies mitigate the disruptions of Covid-19, increase interactions and innovations among Canadian agrifood companies and enable new agrifood business streams. Through its member platform, it will enhance resilience and competitiveness of the Canadian agri-food sector, resulting also in increased food security for Canadians.

Creating a Predictive Financial Model to Optimize Digital Marketing Budget of SMEs Post COVID-19

With schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many education outreach companies that offer in-class summer camps are having to pivot to virtual classes to adjust to the new normal. Their main challenge is how and where to spend their marketing budget efficiently to attract new students. They traditionally advertise locally such as in schools or communities which are not available to them now. Therefore, their advertising budgets are moving to digital marketing such as social media and search engines.

COVID-19 Grocery Response NDG

Grocery Response NDG is a grocery ordering and delivery program for seniors 70+ who are confined to their homes during the pandemic. The project is a joint initiative of Concordia University (Ageing + Communication + Technologies – ACT) and New Hope Seniors Centre. The Québec response to the COVID-19 pandemic requires seniors 70 and over to self-isolate Seniors with limited or no social networks and no access to the Internet are especially at risk.

Obstacles and Opportunities in Improving Social Service Intake Referral Processes

When people seek help from a social service, the assistance they need may be best provided by another service in the community. In these cases, they should be referred to the appropriate service. At this stage, things sometimes go wrong: Sometimes the service agent misunderstands the person’s needs or misunderstands the kind of help provided by other local services. Or sometimes the agent doesn’t explain enough about why another service would be helpful.

Integration of Data Mining into a Homomorphically Encrypted System: Enabling COVID-19 Researchers to Discretely Mine Sensitive Data

Krate Distributed Information Systems Inc. (Krate) and Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SP) are developing an advanced encryption module that will integrate with the distributed computer platform of fellow startup Distributed Compute Labs (DCL). DCL’s distributed computer is already functional and in use by scientists and researchers across Canada. This module will equip DCL’s distributed computer with the ability to process encrypted data without ever needing to decrypt it.

British Columbia – A History

British Columbia - A History is a 4-part documentary television series and an interactive online historical timeline of the past 150+ years of BC history that will be comprised of interviews, archives and news research that will explore methods of historical recreation and knowledge production by incorporating an inclusive and multi-narrative approach to major historical events in the recent past and during the formation of the province, for Knowledge Network.

Through purposeful, deep archival and historical news research interns will learn how to scrutinize materials for an inclusive and plu