Fabrication of a 3 dimensional graphene/metal oxide composites membrane for water filtration - Year two

There is a demand in the market for an economical and efficient handheld seawater desalinator. The goal of this project is to develop graphene based membrane technology which will first provide a handheld personal desalinator and then be scalable to a higher flow rate single family point of use. In this direction graphene/metal oxide/polymer composites membrane will be synthesized by using a low cost chemical method with the possibility of scale up.

Research on the Social and Ecological Impacts of “The Thingery” Community Sharing Platform

The Thingery Sharing Inc. is the logistics provider and parent organization of five co-operatively owned community-level goods lending libraries known as Thingeries located throughout the Lower Mainland of BC. As a data-intensive enterprise, Thingery Sharing Inc. has the potential to track the social and ecological impacts of community level goods sharing. However, the existing literature provides insufficient guidance on how to structure indicators of social impact in the newly emerging sharing economy.

Developing Provisional Publishing Guidelines Informed by Indigenous Storytelling and Knowledge Keeping Protocols

This project will develop provisional guidelines for publishing texts for and by Indigenous people. Each story, each storyteller, and each nation presents a different case, and there can be no set of rules. The objective is to outline a provisional, adaptable set of principles, questions, and considerations to guide the process of selecting, editing, publishing, and marketing manuscripts.

Communicating Credentials: Building blockchain solutions for university degree verification

Document fraud is increasing and undermining the integrity of high quality education in Canada.

The making of a woman feature filmmaker: Gender and cultural production in a Montreal-based film school

In Canada, women have made significant inroads in television, web series, documentaries, and experimental films. But few women directors and screenwriters participate in big-budget feature film production. This study explores the marginalization of women in the feature film industry through the lens of film production training. As previous studies have shown, film education can shape student filmmakers’ professional identity and aesthetic repertoires.

Terahertz Distributed Sensing Platform Based on Waveguide Bragg Gratings

Distributed sensing is an advanced technology that enables real-time monitoring of variations along the entire length of a waveguide, and offers the possibility of sensing from a long distance. In the optics domain, distributed sensing based on optical fibers has been successfully demonstrated. However, the realization of distributed sensing in the terahertz domain is still at an embryonal stage.

Investigating Existing and New Models of Distribution in Canadian Art Book Publishing

In early 2018, the UK-based publisher Black Dog declared bankruptcy. This headline wouldn’t have made a splash if not for numerous co-publishing partnerships held with Canadian art institutions. Black Dog’s liquidation left galleries and museums across the country with books stalled mid-production, resulting in delayed or cancelled exhibitions. Firstly, why were Canadian institutions partnering with a British publisher? Moving forward, what are opportunities and challenges for Canadian art book publishers?

Cited: Partnered Knowledge Mobilization Between Research and Media Organizations

This is project that creates audio documentaries that are grounded in academic research. As part of this project, Mitacs interns will work for three distinct podcasts: Cited Podcast, Crackdown, and Blue and Goldcast. These podcasts are meant for a general audience, and have wide popular and critical appeal. They are developed in a unique collaborative approach (putting students, scholars, and professionals together), which makes for a compelling final product. Mitacs interns will conduct original research and reporting to support the development of these podcasts.

High Average Power - Frequency domain Optical Parametric Amplifier (HAP-FOPA)

The goal of this proposal is to make the most advantage of the recently developed technique of Frequency domain Optical Parametric Amplification (FOPA) by pushing this technology to unprecedented levels. The IP has been protected by the group of prof. François Légaré from INRS-EMT. The main inventor, Bruno Schmidt, has founded few-cycle Inc. to commercialize this disruptive technology in Canada. Prof. Légaré and few-cycle Inc. are the partners of the current proposal.

Rotational Doppler shift with optical vortices in the backward-wave phase-matching process, as probe for improved vibration sensing - Year two

The rotational Doppler shift in the nonlinear optical process will improve the precision and resolution of the detection of the dynamics of an object, particularly the resolution of its rotational motion. The project aims at the design, realization and study of rotational Doppler shift based on the nonlinear interaction specifically tailored for the backward-wave phase matching.