Development of the McMaster Cough Monitor (MaCough)

Chronic cough is a persistent daily cough that lasts greater than eight weeks and affects 10% of the general population. It is associated with a significant burden on health and quality of life. In clinical practice, there are very limited tools in order to quantitively monitor cough. Existing products are too expensive and labor intensive, making it impractical for use in day-to-day clinical practice. This project is aimed to create a quantitative way for clinicians to be able to diagnose, assess and monitor cough more efficiently.

User Adaptive Systems for Behaviour Change in Health And Wellness

There has been a dramatic increase in digital well-being products in recent years and there is a market saturated with ineffective user experiences and little to no sustainable, desired behavioural change. By assessing and enhancing the effectiveness of a personalized approach to digital well-being app interaction through machine learning and emotion-driven adaptive computing, we can develop a new, intelligent and highly effective digital well-being platform that can support lifestyle wellness behaviour change.

The ParticipACTION App: Disability Content Development and Knowledge Translation

The objective of the proposed internship is to help support the launch of disability inclusive content for an app created by ParticipACTION, Canada’s leading non-profit physical activity organization. The goal of the content is to motivate inactive Canadians with a disability to sit less and move more, with the aim of achieving Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines.

The effect of the MyoStorm heated vibration ball on pain andperformance with an examination of underlying mechanisms

Foam rollers are popular devices used for training and rehabilitation and have been extensively investigated in the literature. Research has shown that foam rollers can increase range of motion, alleviate myofascial and muscle pain with no impairments and in some cases improvements in
subsequent muscular performance. Vibrating rollers have also been introduced but there are few studies investigating their effectiveness. Heat is an ubiquitous treatment modality used in therapy to increase blood flow and accelerate recovery.

Implementing lessons learned from the pandemic to support our vulnerable populations

The purpose of this project is to improve the lives of citizens in The Region of Durham through a partnership between the Regional government and Ontario Tech University. This project will tackle issues related to aiding vulnerable populations in our communities such as members of our homeless population and seniors living in long-term care homes.

Validation of the Athlete Sleep Screening Questionnaire (ASSQ) in a student-athlete population

The proposed project is designed to address the gaps in knowledge as described above and critical issues by capturing a large amount of student-athlete sleep data using the Athlete Sleep Screening Questionnaire© (ASSQ©), which is a sleep screening questionnaire specifically designed for athletes. It is a highly efficient and convenient tool, given training and travel time constraints where polysomnography, the gold standard of objective sleep measurement is not feasible.

Catalysing Network Change: Exploring Practical Tools to Spark Food Network Action

Food systems organizations work brings together planners, community organizers, public health professionals, food producers, distributors and other food champions to transform food systems through direct action in communities, and collective action across organizations and regions. Many regions across Ontario have identified a fundamental challenge: moving from collaboration to action within their region.

Exploring the effectiveness of a pilot parasport coach mentorship program.

Informal learning involves acquiring knowledge outside of a structured setting in which
learning is self-directed and developed from experience, exposure, and interactions with their
environments (Nelson et al., 2006).

COVID-19, Women’s Mental Health and Therapeutic Recreation in Yukon Territory.

The impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of women is currently unknown in Yukon Territory. Women have experienced unemployment, domestic violence and greater caregiving responsibilities because of COVID-19. It is important to support women's mental health during the pandemic. Therapeutic Recreation is a healthcare profession that uses leisure and recreation to improve health and wellbeing. Therapeutic Recreation provides positive leisure experiences that can reduce the impacts of C19 on women’s mental health.


BACKGROUND: Viral respiratory tract infection (VRTI) is the most common illness in humans, resulting in a total economic impact of $40 billion annually in the United States. Taking into consideration the current novel coronavirus pandemic - impacting billions of people around the world, compromising the global economy, and putting extreme pressure on healthcare systems - it is imperative to identify novel ways to both detect and prevent VRTIs such as COVID-19.