Evaluation of a robotic orthosis for the rehabilitation of the locomotion in children suffering from cerebral palsy.

This project is about the use of a robotic device for the rehabilitation of locomotion in children suffering from cerebral palsy. This multidisciplinary research will grant the candidate an experience in biomechanical research, with the use of technologies at the edge of clinical rehabilitation.

Cerebral palsy is the main factor of locomotion troubles in children. In North America, about 3 children in 1000 are born with this disorder . Current rehabilitation methods consist in the repetition of motor tasks such as walking, in order to reconstruct the neural network.

Attentional Mechanisms

Using psychophysics, we will investigate how selection mechanisms overcome the limited capacity in visual processing. Awaiting more information from the professor. Please check back soon. Do not contact Globalink Research Internships.

Defining Age-Specific Heat Exposure Limits Forworkers: From Laboratory To Field

This project will examine how heat stress develops in young {18-30 years) and older miners {45-65 years) of different levels of fitness when physically demanding mining jobs are made more challenging by increases in air temperature and humidity as well as changes In a worker's hydration status. Further, a field-based study will be conducted to determine to what extent older workers differ in their work patterns and physiological response to work in the heat.

Development of in vitro assays for identification of novel natural products that enhance muscle growth

For the majority of people, weight training builds skeletal muscle, which results in health benefits (e.g., improved disease risk and lifespan). However, despite training, some individuals have trouble gaining muscle (nonresponders). This lack of a response is likely related to an impaired ability to make new proteins (impaired activation of protein synthesis), and there is currently no remedy. Dietary interventions have the potential to boost muscle mass and may benefit individuals who would otherwise be non-responsive to a training stimulus.

The relation of distance and abstraction across cultures: variations in construal level theory.

The present study explores how concretely or abstractly individuals imagine objects and events in different situations, which we call “construal levels”. Previous theory proposes that we construct our environment more abstractly the more distant it is, for example when we think of eating food this morning, it might be concrete such as “eggs and toast”, while eating last year in the morning can be “breakfast”. We want to research whether individuals from different cultures use these processes in different ways, for example when they categorize objects or when they use stereotypes.

Examining Men’s Boating Safety Practices in Inuvik, Northwest Territories

This research will involve working alongside the community of Inuvik, NWT to develop culturally safe solutions to address men’s boating safety behaviours in the northern Canada. The intern will spend time in Inuvik to learn about men’s water safety practices in the community. Benefits to the research participants, communities, and NWT Recreation and Parks Association include having the opportunity to discuss and voice concerns related to the boating safety practices of men in NWT.

Reproducibility of Instruments to Measure School Performance and Cognitive Function in Brazilian Schoolchildren

When assessing academic performance and cognition, it is important to use a test that will accurately measure an individuals abilities. Tests that are created in one country or language may not be applicable in another region. To solve this, culture fair tests are ones that can be applied to any person, regardless of their culture, language, or location. In the present study a number of tests, most of which are culture fair, created in English speaking countries will be assessed for their validity in Brazilian schoolchildren.

An assessment of women’s abortion experiences in Istanbul, Turkey.

This research project investigates the experiences of women accessing abortions in Istanbul, Turkey. I will conduct interviews with approximately 40 women about their abortion experiences and their experiences with family planning and other reproductive services. I will also interview relevant figures in Istanbul who can speak about the quality of reproductive healthcare in Istanbul, including doctors, politicians, and activists. Although abortion is legal in Turkey, the political climate toward women’s reproductive rights has become increasingly hostile in the last five years.

The effect of footwear on running economy following exercise-induced fatigue.

The research proposal is designed to examine the relationship between footwear, metabolic rate and lower limb muscle activity following exercise-educed fatigue. This randomized, controlled crossover design experiment will consist of three sessions. The first session is a familiarization session. The second and third sessions will be the same, except the exercise will be done wearing either traditional or minimalist footwear models. For the second and third sessions, participants will first complete a running economy test, and then run seven bouts of 1000 meters to induce fatigue.

Caffeine, genetic variation and athletic performance

Caffeine is among the most widely consumed performance enhancing substance used by athletes at all levels. However, studies that have investigated the effects of caffeine on athletic performance report inconsistent findings and the role of an individual’s genetic make-up in influencing how a person processes caffeine is becoming increasingly important. As a result, there is a need for a properly designed study to determine the effects of caffeine at varying doses on athletic performance that considers whether genetic variation modifies any of caffeine’s effects.