Safety Labs User and Performance Validation

The Safety Labs platform is an ‘always connected’ Internet of Things (IOT) cloud computing based system that focused on aging in place and well being for older adults through ongoing health knowledge.

Investigating the effect of novel nutritional compounds on skeletal muscle protein synthesis and growth in vivo

Resistance exercise training combined with adequate post-exercise protein ingestion is known to increase muscle mass when completed repeatedly over a prolonged period of time (>6 weeks). Due to this knowledge much research has been conducted to identify the best protein supplements which allow for the greatest muscle growth with training.

Evaluating Canadian Competency-based Specialty Medicine Training

Specialty medicine training in Canada is transforming to a competency-based model. This is the biggest change in specialty education in a century. The new education system emphasizes the abilities to be acquired of specialist physicians, the sequencing of skills (from foundational to complex), tailoring of training to meet the needs of the individual, and assessment systems that capture and adjudicate successful, authentic practice of specialty medicine. There are numerous assumptions underlying this complex educational intervention.

Analysis of the effects of a high-anxiety state on running mechanics and identifying relevant psychological predictors related to levels of emotions and mechanics

Achieving optimal sport performance is complex and multidimensional. Athletes need to have high levels of physical and psychological skill. It is already commonly understood that an athlete’s emotional state can affect performance. With this project, we would like to take this one step further and investigate how an athlete’s emotions affect movement patterns, more specifically by assessing how anxiety impacts running mechanics.

Beaver Hills Biosphere Communications: Advancing place-based heritage appreciation and stewardship

The Beaver Hills Biosphere is a newly established biosphere reserve that needs to communicate why it is a special place to its residents and visitors. The UNESCO Biosphere program wants biosphere reserves to promote the exchange and transfer of knowledge on environmental problems and solutions, and to foster environmental education for sustainable development. Research related to environmental education, public history, Indigenous histories and communications efficacy can highlight the importance of personal place-relationships within a biosphere.

The effect of peer-to-peer video modeling (VM) on socialization and physical literacy in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

According to literature, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can imitate movements since they have learned many social, vocational, speech, and academic skills. However, motor skill deficiency has been mentioned as one of the contributing factors to social isolation, reducing opportunities for people with ASD to be connected to society and peers. Improving motor skills increases their confidence to participate in social interactions.

Measuring the Effects of a Cycling Program on Older Adults Living in Long-Term Care

This research will measure the effects of the Cycling Without Age program on participants by observing a variety of indicators. An existing program in a long-term care home will be observed, and 50 residents will be recruited: a biking group (n=25) who will be biked twice a week for 12 weeks and a strolls group (n=25) who will go for walks/wheelchair rides outside.

The Leisure, Sport, And Recreation Labor Market In Alberta: History And Current Trends

The project looks to explore the trends and directions of the labor market in the recreation, sport, and leisure industry for the Province of Alberta. Within this 6-month project, a review of the current literature in the human resource area of the field will be undertaken along with look at the current and past trends of the labor market within the province.

Be Yourself: How to be a Positive Influencer On and Offline

It has been shown that a mother’s conduct, together with her relationship with her daughter, can directly and indirectly impact her daughter’s well-being and development (e.g., eating habits, body image, and self-esteem). Studies have shown that the mother/daughter relationship influences every stage of the daughter’s development, with particular influence in the formation of the young adolescent girl’s perception of herself and her body.

Evaluating Team Unbreakable: A learn-to-run program for adolescent mental health

Given the rise in adolescent mental health concerns, Canadian secondary schools are increasingly focused on implementing programs aimed at improving mental resilience in students. One such program is Team Unbreakable, a 10-week, learn-to-run program that is based on four theoretically driven program components: goal-oriented, group-structured, within the school context, and physical activity based. This program has been implemented in 117 schools, with nearly 10,000 students participating over the last five years across southern Ontario. Unfortunately, this program has yet to be evaluated.