Development of a new Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring for use in the Clinical Setting

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring prior to and during labor and delivery is a common clinical practice, that guides therapy and decision making. A non-stress test (NST), also known as fetal heart rate (fHR) monitoring, is a common prenatal test used to check on a baby's health. The maternal electrocardiogram (mECG) is generally the most prominent signal present in abdominal NST recordings. Therefore, the mECG needs to be removed to enable reliable and accurate fHR detection.

Development of Input and Evaluation Criteria for a Video-Based Occupational Risk Assessment Tool

Workplace injury prevalence and cost have created an immediate need for ergonomics risk assessment tools that require minimal ergonomics training, rooted in a foundation of experimental research, and provide comprehensive outputs that give some indication of risk and required action. Observation-based tools have been widely implemented in practice due to their simplicity, accessibility, and cost- and time-efficiency, but they typically require specialized training, present inconsistent risk categories, and depend on user interpretation of a specific set of static posture and load parameters.

Interaction between cannabinoid drugs and sodium channels in diabetes/high glucose induced oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and neurotoxicity

Diabetes mellitus, a common metabolic disorder, exhibits neuropathic complications that can eventually lead to disabling pain (Todorovic 2015). This is attributed to hyperglycemia/high glucose resulting in neuronal hyperexcitability (Todorovic 2015). Importantly, diabetes-evoked neuronal hyperexcitability and neurotoxicity can be caused by alterations in voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC) expression (Hong, Morrow et al. 2004), resulting in changes in the sodium currents lowering the action potential threshold (Hong, Morrow et al. 2004, Chen, Wang et al. 2018).

Radon: Building a BC Based Response

Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas produced by the natural decay of uranium in rocks and soils. Radon can enter buildings and reach high levels in indoor air (Khan and Gomes, 2017). It is the second-leading cause of lung cancer (after smoking). killing approximating 3200 Canadians a year (Chen et al. 2012). High radon concentrations can be easily remedied, and doing so is a cost effective way to prolong life and reduce death from disease (Gaskin, et. al. 2018). However, Canada’s legal rights and remedies to respond to radon in Canada are largely inadequate (Dunn and Cooper, 2015).

Helmet testing and impact modeling: an approach to better understand the problematic of concussion in short track speed skating

The sport of short track speed skating is an extremely fast paced sport, in which multiple skaters, reaching speeds upwards of 50 km/h, jockey for position on a narrow track. Although skaters wear protective equipment and helmets, concussions continue to plague the health of athletes. Currently, there are no statistics on the rates and prevalence of concussion in short track speed skaters.

Advancing Human Performance in the Canadian Football League

North American professional football players struggle with mental health challenges such as addiction and depression during and following their athletics careers. Despite the fact that these athletes value positive emotional, psychological, and social mental health, little is known about ways organisations can protect and promote these parts of athletes’ mental health. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to explore challenges and opportunities CFL players face to experiencing positive mental health during a professional season.

Facilitators and barriers to cycling uptake in London, Ontario

Cities need an evidence-based understanding of cycling barriers and facilitators to support policy and programming aimed at promoting cycling. In London, this evidence is currently limited. The London Cycling Survey aims to address this gap. The purpose of this Survey is to examine the barriers and facilitators to cycling in the context of London and to identify key issues and opportunities to improve cycling for transportation in our community. First, focus groups (interviews) will be conducted to capture the perspectives of cyclists in London.

An Examination of Early Childhood Educators' (ECEs) Knowledge, Self-Efficacy and Risk Tolerance for Outdoor Play Among Young Children in Childcare

Playing outdoors in exciting, risky activities has been shown to positively impact the health of children. However, children are often restricted from engaging in this type of play due to safety concerns. Educating adults who care for children about the importance of outdoor risky play is an important step to help improve children’s opportunities for outdoor play in childcare.

Computer Lenses and Sex Influence on Shoulder-Neck Discomfort and Musculoskeletal Mechanisms in University Students Identifying as Laptop Users

Adults exposed to screens for prolonged periods of time have complained of shoulder-neck discomfort. Ergonomic solutions can help prevent the development of computer work-related pains later on in life as young adults move on to careers in an office or administrative setting. Many computer users have also expressed eye strain. As a response, ergonomic computer lenses have been brought forward, said to make viewing a computer screen easier on the eyes.

Evaluating dining improvements in Schlegel Villages

This project is focused on evaluating dining improvements being implemented by the partner organization, Schlegel Villages (SV). The first study involves one SV where the CHOICE+ Program is currently being piloted. CHOICE+ is a team-based approach to making physical and psychosocial improvement. The team is guided by Champions to make these changes over time; changes include small physical improvements (e.g. music), as well as education and training to support relationship-centred principles for dining.