The benefits of hemp protein supplementation during resistance training

Hemp powder is an increasingly popular supplement with body builders. Hemp contains many of the essential building blocks of proteins (i.e. amino acids) and also contains oil helpful to prevent swelling. It may also be beneficial for building muscle mass and increasing bone health. Despite these possible benefits, the effectiveness of hemp powder during a strength training program has never been assessed.

Supraspinal vs spinal contribution to the production of arm cycling at different relative intensities.

The proposed research will allow us to determine how the human central nervous system (i.e. brain and spinal cord) functions to produce different patterns of muscle contractions during cyclical arm movements. We will use a variety of stimulation technics to determine how active the brain and spinal cord are during the arm movements. We do not currently have a detailed understanding of how the brain and spinal work together during human movement execution.

Stepping Out. The impact of exercise on young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The overall research project undertaken by the University of Calgary graduate students will examine the effects of exercise on young adults 18-35 years of age with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Areas of investigation include cerebral blood flow changes, as well as sleep behavioral improvements. By doing research such as this, we will justify the use of exercise as a non-invasive means of treating and managing ASD, and additionally, establish exercise protocol templates that can be replicated in other universities and fitness facilities across the country.

Acute Impact of an Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Stimulus on Human Neurophysiological Function

Power-lines and electric appliances are the main sources of daily human exposure to power-frequency magnetic fields (MF, 60 Hz in North America). In order to protect the public and workers from potential adverse effects, international agencies publish MF exposure guidelines based on the “best estimate” available regarding the levels producing an acute biological effects in humans, which is called magnetophosphenes (flickering lights perceived eyes closed in the dark while exposed to a strong MF).

An innovative biosurgical approach to osteoarthritis treatment

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a growing burden in an aging society. There are few proven treatments and hence disability contributes to poor quality of life and direct/indirect costs to society. Hyaluronic acids have been show to improve OA symptoms but usually the onset is delayed by weeks. Corticosteroid therapy in contrast has a quick onset of action but is very brief in duration (only ~ 2 weeks). Hence, a novel combination of these therapies may offer patients improved symptoms relief and quality of life. Furthermore, OA symptoms include both increased pain and reduced mobility.

Peer to Peer Learning – See Me Series

In order to develop good physical skills, people need feedback on the performance of those skills. Analysis based on accurate observation is a key tool for improving future performance. Performance analysis is about creating a valid and reliable record of performance by means of systematic observations that can be analyzed with a view to facilitating change. Use of video recording is one of the most effective ways to observe and analyze performance.

The relationship of sleep quality to recovery, training capacity and performance in elite athletes

The Centre for Sleep and Human Performance has been funded by Own the Podium to develop tools. strategies. and Interventions that will accurately evaluate the sleep quality of athletes. This partnership provides the Centre with a unique opportunity to have unrestricted access to a population of elite athletes who train and compete above the Intercollegiate level and whose motives for training and performance are not confounded by the external stressors professional athletes are exposed to.

Tracking the fate of Tetrodotoxin bound sodium channels

Pain is a global clinical problem. Chronic pain caused by cancer, osteo/rheumatoid arthritis, operations, injuries and spinal problems affects millions of people worldwide. The current treatments for severe pain is unsatisfactory and include opioids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids and tricyclic anti-depressants. Most of these drugs have limitations with regard to addiction, toxicity and thus there is a growing need for newer analgesic drugs that have greater efficacy, reduced toxicity and addiction.

Ergonomic Design of an Automotive Material Sequencing Centre

The Ford Motor Company is bringing 800 jobs into the Oakville Assembly Plant. These jobs will be concerned with sequencing parts for the new Material Sequencing Centre. To ensure that workers remain healthy, and their productivity and quality output is up to Ford's high standards, Ford (through this fellowship) wants to establish clear ergonomic guidelines for this type of work. The post-doctoral fellow will conduct surveys in the plant, as well as review existing ergonomic guidelines within Ford.

Application of neuroimaging to optimize observational learning from a mobile application: influences of age and brain function

One side effect of stroke is damage to the left parietal lobe, important in motor control of the right hand. Many stroke patients experience loss of motor skills and have difficulty relearning how to perform daily tasks. Recent reports from stroke rehabilitation centres have shown increased improvements in relearning basic motor skills upon incorporation of observational learning techniques into their therapies.