British Columbia – A History

British Columbia - A History is a 4-part documentary television series and an interactive online historical timeline of the past 150+ years of BC history that will be comprised of interviews, archives and news research that will explore methods of historical recreation and knowledge production by incorporating an inclusive and multi-narrative approach to major historical events in the recent past and during the formation of the province, for Knowledge Network.

Through purposeful, deep archival and historical news research interns will learn how to scrutinize materials for an inclusive and plu

Towards a Theory of Blockchain as a Socio-Informational-Technical System

Blockchains operate as perhaps the most promising system of trust for any type of digital transaction of value -- everything from cryptocurrencies to patient medical records. But a number of barriers -- involving social institutions, data and identity management and technological processes -- stand in the way of broader adoption. These challenges also ultimately speak to fundamental issues of trust and perceived legitimacy on the part of both service providers and their end users.

Investigating the Paradoxical Adoption of Blockchain in Healthcare Data Sharing: The Patterns, Consequences and Mediating Mechanisms of Challenging yet Succumbing to Incumbents

In this Mitacs project, we examine how nascent technology advocators can successfully implement the technology in highly institutionalized settings. Using the implementation of Blockchain in healthcare data sharing as an example, we compare and contrast the implementation strategies of 6-8 start-ups or divisions of established companies, and examine how the different types of implementation strategies lead to different implementation outcomes. Based on this research, BI will learn about the key advocators of Blockchain for healthcare data sharing, their strategies and performance.

Blockchain-based Consent Management for Personalized Medicine

This multidisciplinary project will investigate the social, data, and technical issues surrounding design and implementation of a blockchain-based solution for the management of consent for the use of individuals’ “omics” data in medical research. Blockchains are distributed ledgers in which confirmed and validated blocks are organized in an append-only chain using cryptographic links.

The Power of Archival Records in Independent Schools

This research will look to explore the ingest, management, preservation, use, and re-use of archives within primary and secondary independent schools with more academic rigour than has been attempted in the past. Independent schools have unique challenges that differ from those faced by public schools. The purpose of this study is to inductively create a very detailed analysis of the relationships between the records that are created at an independent school and their uses (and re-uses). Key concepts will emerge from the rich qualitative data, identifying problem areas.

Deep Hashing and Clustering for Deduplication

Identifying and removing duplicated records by leveraging state-of-the-art AI and machine learning techniques (deep neural networks) from co-op banks’ customer databases, such as the one within the partner organization, Desjardins, will help the banks pay out the appropriate share of dividends to their customers.

Blockchain for Recordkeeping: Understanding Contextual and Technical Considerations through an Archival Science Lens

This research project is drawing on a previous study into blockchain technology. We plan to take our findings into the real world to investigate the potential for the blockchain network to improve supply chain management systems. The research will involve identifying areas where blockchain technology can enhance supply chain management processes.We believe that blockchain processes can enhance information security, speed of transactions and the cost of those transactions. The research will help NeuSwyft, the industry partner, to realize those advantages for their own business.

Complying With Privacy Legislation in a Globally Connected Technological World: Challenges and Solutions

The goal of this project will be to develop a privacy policy and procedures manual for Cyanic Automation in order to help them understand the privacy laws that protect the personal information they collect while doing business. Canada has several pieces of privacy legislation that can be confusing to understand, so one of my goals is to help Cyanic Automation learn which laws could apply to them, why it is important for them to make sure personal information is kept secure, and how they can go about doing that.

Visual Analytics for Financial Risk

The objective of this project is to design a Visual Systemic ‘Risk Map’ as one possible prototype to address some of the issues of risk identification and analysis in the context of global financial systems. We propose the design concept of the ‘Risk Map’ using principles of Cognitive Systems Engineering (instrumental papers in this field are Rasmussen et al. 1994; Vicente and Rasmussen, 1990; Woods and Roth, 1988), which is suited to engineering for complex systems.

Enrichment Materials for Dollars with Sense curriculum

This research proposal will focus on identifying supplementary topics that will provide enriched learning opportunities for the Junior Achievement Dollars with Sense (DwS) middle school curriculum. The key areas to be investigated will include fundamentals of consumer credit cards, public stock market basics, and banks and banking. These areas are introduced in the Dollars with Sense program and this research project will seek to develop evaluative criteria, create and effective enrichment materials for two of these focus areas.