Exploitation of special functions orthogonal on finite domains of 2D and 3D lattices-Fourier expansions of functions sampled on lattices

The advantages of digital data (signal functions) processing have made this technique a standard for processing real world analog data in many areas of life, from music industry to seismology. Stored digitally, the data also become less sensitive to physical limitations than their analog counterparts. Other advantages include straightforward low frequency filtering procedures (e.g. as required in seismology, oceanography and other environmental monitoring), as well as frequency bounding (e.g. in telecommunications, sending large bandwidth signals over a narrow bandwidth).

Evaluate the impact on transmission dynamics and cost-effectiveness of pertussis booster vaccine for Canadian adolescents and adults

Pertussis or whooping cough is caused by the strict human pathogen B. pertussis or Bordetella parapertussis and is a highly contagious, potentially life-threatening respiratory tract illness when it occurs in unprotected infants. Despite the introduction of acellular pertussis (aP) vaccines and great initial success of the immunization program, pertussis outbreaks were reported in adolescents and adults in Canada since 1993. This trend was demonstrated as shift in pertussis epidemiology from infants and young children.

Statistical Perspectives on Drug Safety Screening using Spontaneous Reporting Data and Electronic Health Records

Screening spontaneous reporting (SR) or electronic health records (EHR) data sets for adverse drug reactions (ADRs) has become an important component of drug safety. Much methodological work has been historically done on SR data, however, novel approaches are continually being suggested which merit critical review. Thus, we will first investigate some of these approaches as well as consider the issues of drug-drug interactions in SR data. Next, we will address the analysis of EHR data from two perspectives.

Programming Techniques for QUBO Compatible Processors

The main problem this internship project explores is the selection, conversion, and encoding of mathematical models that pertain to the finance industry for processing on available types of analog optimization processors. This research investigation aims to develop new algorithms and code that take advantage of an analog optimization process which acts as an “oracle” for a classical Turing Machine computer. This will be done by developing methods to translate a range of problems into the ideal form for currently available adiabatic annealing hardware.

Aircraft optimization and sizing methodologies

The proposed research project concerns the development of optimization tools and sizing methodologies used to assess optimal structural airframe configurations and aerodynamic lines for given business cases. A PDF intern will be in charge of proposing improved optimization strategies, mainly related to composite material, and of adding specific capabilities inside the internally developed sizing tool (LibStress) with the aim to increase the reliability and accuracy of the optimization models.

Exploration of Authoring Features to Facilitate Rapid Creation of STEM Subject Content in Mobile Practice Applications

This internship is a continuation of a previous Mitacs Accelerate Internship during which time Mathtoons worked with Dr. Wang of UBC Okanagan and intern, Yipin Guo of the Math and Computer Science faculties.

Modeling of Currency Trading Markets and Pricing their Derivatives in Markov-modulated Environment

The proposed research project, undertaken by the intern, is devoted to the modeling of currency trading markets and their derivatives in Markov-modulated environment and possible creation proprietary algorithm trading software for this case with EUR/USD as a trading model. The research covered by these activities will include the development of the domestic and foreign equity and commodity markets and their prices of risk in Markov-modulated environment, and also possible creation proprietary algorithm trading software with underlying EUR/USD as a trading model.

Statistical Analysis of Prostate Brachytherapy Treatment Data

Using data obtained over a period of 15 years from Brachytherapy procedures used on patients to treat prostate cancer, statistical analysis will be carried out to confirm the hypothesis that Brachtherapy treatments offer the best outcomes at the lowest cost incomparison to other treatment modalities. The first stage of the project will be to review the scope and objectives of the study with the stakeholders and finalize the methodology for this analysis.

Fugitive lead emissions study for the Trail smelting operation

Teck Metals Ltd. operates one of the world’s largest integrated lead-zinc smelting operations based in Trail, British Columbia. An important part of Teck’s normal day-to-day operations is to carefully track and report on any pollutants generated on site that are released into the environment. The purpose of this internship is to assist their Company in estimating atmospheric emissions of lead particulates from a variety of sources.

Mobile Hearing Tests

This project is to focus on building an application which can be used to perform a hearing test on a mobile device (such as an iPhone or iPad). The intern is to implement a white-label (brand-free and easily reusable) application which can be easily distributed by doctor’s offices and hearing centers with their specific brand and information. The intern will use mathematical techniques to help gather and analyze user information more efficiently in order to provide a fast, accurate assessment of the user’s hearing and direct the user for further diagnosis if necessary.