Statistical Analysis of Prostate Brachytherapy Treatment Data

Using data obtained over a period of 15 years from Brachytherapy procedures used on patients to treat prostate cancer, statistical analysis will be carried out to confirm the hypothesis that Brachtherapy treatments offer the best outcomes at the lowest cost incomparison to other treatment modalities. The first stage of the project will be to review the scope and objectives of the study with the stakeholders and finalize the methodology for this analysis.

Fugitive lead emissions study for the Trail smelting operation

Teck Metals Ltd. operates one of the world’s largest integrated lead-zinc smelting operations based in Trail, British Columbia. An important part of Teck’s normal day-to-day operations is to carefully track and report on any pollutants generated on site that are released into the environment. The purpose of this internship is to assist their Company in estimating atmospheric emissions of lead particulates from a variety of sources.

Mobile Hearing Tests

This project is to focus on building an application which can be used to perform a hearing test on a mobile device (such as an iPhone or iPad). The intern is to implement a white-label (brand-free and easily reusable) application which can be easily distributed by doctor’s offices and hearing centers with their specific brand and information. The intern will use mathematical techniques to help gather and analyze user information more efficiently in order to provide a fast, accurate assessment of the user’s hearing and direct the user for further diagnosis if necessary.

Structured Assets’ Value-at-Risk: Measurement and Sensitivity Testing

This project aims to measure the credit risk of Sun Life structured assets portfolio. The objective is to evaluate the accuracy of different methods to assess the credit risk of these types of financial instruments and to evaluate their advantages and limitations. Two methods are proposed to assess structured finance assets risk: Loan Equivalent Approach and Look Through Approach. The former is a practical representation of the structured asset as a traditional debt instrument.

Human Health Risk Assessment of Manganese and Inorganic Manganese Compounds and the Application of Categorical Regression in the Quantitative Risk Assessment of Manganese

Risk Sciences International is currently completing a comprehensive risk assessment of the potential human health effects of manganese. This assessment involves a systematic review of the worlds’ literature on epidemiological and toxicological studies of manganese, following which an international expert panel has scored all of the adverse health outcomes identified through this review using a 12-point severity scoring scale.

SVM based system to detect machines engaged in distributed denial of service attack

In this research, we propose the design of an efficient automated system which can effectively learn from the patterns of malicious activities, in the form of distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against web servers on the Internet, and subsequently offer potential victims protection against such attacks by banning such requests in advance.

Callibration of implied volatilities for illiquid interest rate products in the Brazilian market

The project aims to address issues in the pricing of interest rate derivatives in an illiquid market. In particular, the project will examine the pricing of options on the Brazilian average interbank deposit rate index. A critical element in determining appropriate prices is the volatility implied by observable market prices. However, the lack of liquidity in these markets makes that problematic. The project will examine different methodologies for producing implied volatilities for use in a pricing model.

Predicting click-impression dynamics by an epidemic model

InferSystems Corp. develops fully automatic mathematical software to optimize Real-Time-Targeting and Real-Time-Bidding. No project summary submitted.

In-depth analysis of deer management in Nova Scotia

This project will support improvements to deer management in Nova Scotia. Improved management and conservation of Nova Scotia’s most important big game species supports wildlife habitat conservation by NS DNR, but is also of importance to the forestry industry, and stakeholders such as the NS Federation of Anglers and Hunters, and the Fur Institute of Canada.

Methods for detection of emergent gameplay

Games are no fun to play if there is a perfect winning strategy so that a player can always win by playing it. Game designers are aware of this, but it is notoriously difficult to predict when such strategies exist for a given rule set. This project is about studying the effects of changing the rules of a game or adding new rules, especially non-traditional ones like giving away points, in order to predict the existence or likelihood of a perfect winning strategy.