Mathematical Modeling of Fetal Cardiovascular, Neurovascular, and Metabolic Response to Umbilical Cord Occlusions

Acidification of fetal blood presents one of the greatest risks to the fetus during childbirth. Current monitoring technologies focusing on recording fetal heart rate are poor indicators of fetal stress levels, and provide minimal assistance in clinical decision-making. This is due to a lack of understanding about which features of fetal heart rate best represent blood acid levels.

Machining process monitoring at PWC by using machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence techniques

Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) seeks to improve the monitoring of its machining process aiming to reduce cost and prevent the tools, workpieces and machine damages during the machining. To achieve this improvement, data mining and advanced artificial intelligence technique which called Logical Analysis of Data (LAD) is used. LAD has ability to identify conditions of tools and of determining which machining conditions can indicate the tool failure or degradation is happening, and which can be considered redundant.

Optimizing Fibre Flow in the Forest Products Industry

FPInnovations has developed FPInterface, a software platform in which forest operations are simulated in order to estimate fibre supply costs, including harvesting and transportation. It currently has 7 sub-modules including MaxTour and FPAlloc. The goal of this project is to develop and validate optimization techniques in order to implement new sub-modules to FPInterface that will allow for more accurate scenario valuations.

Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Using metaheuritics algorithms

Due to advances in low-power wireless communications, low-power analog and digital electronics, the development of low-cost and low-power sensor nodes that are small in size has received increasing attention. Sensor nodes have the ability to sense the environment nearby, perform simple computations and communicate in a small region. Although their capacities are limited, combining these small sensors in large numbers provides a new technological platform, called Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).

Information and communication technologies in mathematics education (New)

Digital technologies are increasingly present in school, in various forms (specialized software, ipad, online work, reverse class ....). In this project, we will focus on the influence of these technologies on mathematics learning. Research can take many forms depending on the interests of the student:experimentation in the classroom of a particular technology,surveys of teachers and / or students, study of programms and textbooks, analysis of online resources ...

Competences and curricula (New)

Around the world, education systems are changing and being reorganized around the concept of competence. This term is so used by authors, in different contexts, that it becomes difficult to know exactly what it means. The purpose of this project will be to analyse definitions and uses of the word in both education and social sciences in order to identify the different uses and different scopes. Depending on the student skills, we can consider using text analysis with technological tools

Mathematical Models of cell invasion types emerging from phenotypic and environmental heterogene

The building blocks of multicellular organisms such as humans are cells, vessels and protein fibers. Cell migrations are instrumental in the development and maintenance of multicellular organisms (such as wound healing). Aberrant cellular migrations are important in many
pathological conditions, for instance in cancer. The majority of cancer related deaths (80-90%) are caused by spread of cancer cells to distant organs. This is called metastasis.

Dimensionality, performance, and stress testing of multifactor equity models

A global multi-factor equity model had been previously developed. It employs a group of sector indices for different regions using Dow Jones, MSCI, and indices of local stock exchanges. PCA is used to produce independent factor variables, and then specific equities are regressed against the PCA factors. By transforming factors back into real world variables (indices) stress tests against movements in the original indices show their impact in a global equity portfolio. One question to be addressed is how many PCA dimensions should be selected for each equity.

Mathematics Mapping project

To support the development of a developers' toolkit for educational digital applications that use mathematics content, Erudite Science is creating a library of mathematics content and functions. Because mathematics is such a vast field, typical application functions such as search, manipulation, and inference, frequently return irrelevant results. The search process can be facilitated through the use of semantically structured resource stores.

Modelling default probabilities in a credit risk portfolio

Although latent variable models are a well-known tool for evaluating a portfolio credit risk, concerns are raised regarding tractability of a subsequent analysis/simulation. The project attempts to address such concerns by incorporating a special class of Bernoulli mixture models. Then, efforts will be made to compare efficiency of these models with the commonly used latent variable counterparts and the benchmark model suggested by the regulator.