Eco-responsible parking lots technical monitoring project in Quebec

A significant part of urban areas are used by parking spaces that facilitate single car use while contributing to heat island effects and rainwater management challenges. Traditional parking management strategies have not been able to address the environmental and quality of living aspects in cites. The main purpose of this project is to provide a state-of-the-art review of eco-responsible parking lots and analyze their usage and environmental impact.

Using AI to inform Doctors in a Cardiology Platform

Cardiac specialists spend anywhere from 60-70% of their patient consult working with electronic medical record (EMR) software attempting to extract salient patient data that leads to providing the most accurate diagnosis and care path. Cadea Health Inc. is seeking to reduce the workload cardiologist face by taking advantage of AI to intelligently gather and present relevant information. Cardea’s platform is seeking to utilize AI to extract non-standardized patient data from multiple sources into a coherent data flow and single source.

Exploring Eating Behavioral Phenotypes in Mood Disorders

Mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder, represent a common and severe group of mental illnesses. Poor eating behaviors contribute to worsened symptoms and quality of life in these patient populations, but this aspect is not adequately addressed in clinical care. Previous work characterized six groups of eating behaviors in mood disorders, including low appetite, high appetite, emotional eating, food addiction, irregular eating rhythms, and poor diet quality.

A Nanomaterial-Integrated Paper Microfluidic Device for Detecting and Predicting Myocardial Infarctions

Cardiovascular disease kills 17.9 million people globally each year. 85% of these deaths were caused by either a myocardial infarction (heart attack) or stroke. Current tests for predicting heart attacks provide rapid results when presented with a blood sample, but these samples must be preprocessed using time-consuming methods. This project will develop a paper-based platform to detect heart attack markers in blood without external preprocessing. This will be accomplished by integrating a blood processing device into the testing platform.

Sustainability framework for early-stage entrepreneurships

This project will explore the measures of sustainability described by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures; find the key measures that venture capital investors review to make their investment decisions and create a framework to integrate sustainability measures within the early-stage entrepreneurship.

Co-creating best practices for implementing work-integrated learning programs across Canada

The Rural Development Network is looking to engage an intern to research and uncover best practices around work-integrated learning (WIL) programs. WIL combines classroom theory with practical experience (e.g. apprenticeship). This project will support and strengthen collaboration between post-secondary institutions, employers, and students across Canada in a rural and remote context. Together, we will identify trends, supporting systems, and best practices to create a toolkit that supports institutions that are looking to enhance or develop WIL programs.

Cross-cultural Governance of Okanagan Lake: Entering Ethical Space

This research will inform the co-governance arrangements for the Syilx-led klusxnitk? (Okanagan Lake) Responsibility Plan by exploring the praxis of ethical space in the development and implementation of the plan, and focusing on two themes: worldviews and knowledge systems.

QT-Prolonging Medications and Major Adverse Cardiac Events

Some medications affect the QT interval of the heartbeat and can result in major heart events, which can lead to death. It is unclear exactly how much medications compared to other risk factors contribute to these outcomes and when they will occur. This research project will use data from St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s (SJHH) Dovetale-Epic electronic medical record (EMR). Patients who were or were not taking medications that affect the heartbeat and experienced serious heart events will be identified.

From meal planning to grocery shopping cart; a smart software platform combining personalized recommendations, grocery shopping, and healthy-eating-behavior building

Families need help with their weekly food needs due to busy schedules, stressful weekly meal planning and rising food costs. This research project aims at combining recipes, nutrition, family profiles and preferences, and grocery shopping to recommend healthy and varied meal plans to families. These meal plans will be the base to build grocery shopping lists that are optimized with grocery products that cater to family preferences and needs, saving them both time and money.

Development of an universal method for the elimination of the HOP-Latent viroid in cannabis

Healius Naturals Inc. is a cannabis producer in Alberta that has also bred various superior medical-grade genetics cannabis lines. They witnessed the dramatic impact on the Canadian cannabis industry of the HLVd (HOP-Latent viroid) 1 and wish to develop innovative solutions to cope with it. This viroid is especially problematic as its symptoms start being visible only at the end of the life cycle of the plants. It means that growers invest time and money on the crop to realize only at the end that their yield will be drastically reduced by the viroid.