Preparing Accounting Students for CPA Hiring Season

CPA has noticed current issues in the recruitment process of accounting students from Post-Secondary Institutions (PSI). Because accounting firms and industry rely on PSI for most of their new employees, CPA decided that they want to design and implement new programs to help better prepare students for their future accounting career. Through this internship, we will look at previously used systems and programs through focus groups, as well as gain new ideas through surveys.

Detecting Parkinson’s Disease Using a Video-Based Eye-Tracking Approach

Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects 1 in 5 Canadians and this number is expected to increase as the population gets older. Diagnosing the disease early will lead to earlier treatment, better quality of life, and lower healthcare costs. There is currently no definitive test for PD. Doctors depend on looking for symptoms, such as trembling hands, to make a diagnosis. Early symptoms may be hard to see and look like the symptoms for other diseases. To help doctors find these early symptoms, Dynamiris has created a fast and easy-to-use tool, SimplyView, to screen for risk of PD.

Scheduling and Routing of Personal Support Workers at Nucleus Independent Living Co

This project aims to propose a decision support tool for Nucleus Independent Living that optimizes the scheduling of clients visits, the assignment of PSWs to clients, and the routing of the daily visits of each PSW while trying to minimize the traveling distances for the PSWs, the number of different PSWs visiting a client, and the inequality between the PSWs’ workload (in terms of the number of client visits assigned and the distance traveled).

Adult Third Culture Kids’ (ATCK) Concept of Belonging and Identity Creation: Can Spiritual Self-Leadership be a Solution?

Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs) are adults who have been shaped by their mobility and cross-cultural experiences as a result of spending a significant part of their developmental years in a country other than their passport country. Although these experiences have provided ATCKs with valuable characteristics and skillsets, ATCKs struggle with identity creation and a sense of belonging which can detract from their development, both personally and professionally.

Faults Detection and Recovery in Automobile Engines Machining and Assembly Systems Using AI and Machine Learning

Ford is applying Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing technologies in its re-tooled and new plants in Canada. This project aims to research, in cooperation with Ford, intelligent methods for recognizing patterns of machines faults and their causes and develop recovery strategies based on artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) using data analytics, neural networks, and deep learning methods. It will also investigate the contribution of workers-automation interactions to faults occurrence using data, and minimizing, and discovering possible correlations or trends.

Using machine learning to allocate stratified care in an electronic cognitive behavioural therapy program for depression

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide, yet only one third of patients with depression receive care. This is because the traditional in-person format of mental health care delivery can be inaccessible, inefficient, and expensive. Electronic cognitive behavioural therapy (e-CBT) has been shown to be an effective solution to expand care access, efficiency, and affordability. Combining depression-based e-CBT with artificial intelligence, this study aims to develop an effective decision-making model that matches an individual’s needs with the right amount of care.

Blockchain Recordkeeping in healthcare services

The project aims to identify various usability factors and how they affect user’s perception of the trustworthiness of the blockchain-based record and their intentions to adopt this technology. The study also aims in increasing our current understanding of how usability affects users’ perception of the trustworthiness of blockchain technology for personal health data sharing. The resulting datasets and other reported design implications can be used in improving features in existing wallets leading to further blockchain-based health wallets in the healthcare industry.

Model for improving customer satisfaction and determining customer choice for maintenance in the automotive industry

In this fast-growing world, customer satisfaction and service quality are the two important concepts that companies must understand to withstand the market and grow. In today’s competitive environment, delivering high-quality service is the key to sustainable competitive advantage. Our company is proposing a model that will help improve customer satisfaction, which will impact the customer’s choice to choose their service provider. A team of undergraduate students will be responsible for the research conducive to the design and selection of the model framework.

The impact of leader modeling fallibility on learning and failure correction in health-science sector

Innovation in health-science companies goes hand in hand with uncertainties that may lead to product failures. Failures may offer opportunities to learn valuable lessons to improve organizational practices. However, firms may fail to learn because business leaders may regard these failures as threats to their personal reputation and professional image and try to justify these failures or blame them on others.

Factors that Encourage and Impede Missing Middle housing on Vancouver Island

Missing Middle Housing (MMH) encompasses several moderate density housing types which offer similar features to a single detached home, while reducing costs to the buyer, reducing the environmental footprint and reducing the amount of land used. Although many Municipalities on Vancouver Island are beginning to encourage MMH, there are still relatively few of these homes being built. The proposed research will identify factors that encourage and impeded the development of MMH on Vancouver Island.