Electric Vehicles (EVs) Impact on Labour Market and Independent Retail Gasoline Dealers and Auto Service & Repair Industry

This research project involves the evaluation of scholarly journal articles, a series of interviews to anticipate the impending effects that electric vehicles will have on the Nova Scotian automobile sector. This project is in partnership with the Automotive Sector Council of Nova Scotia, a non-profit organization, to provide usable data for long term planning and adaptation of the sub-markets to service electric vehicles. This research will focus on highlighting effects to oil/gas companies, repair service companies and part suppliers.

Surface Functionalization of Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen and Collagen Peptides using Green Methods for Applications in Cosmetic

This research explores the different functional properties that hydrolyzed fish collagen and collagen peptides have after modifications. Hydrolyzed fish collagen and collagen peptides are significantly ‘smaller’ than collagen molecules after hydrolysis. Low molecular weight (LMW) C1-C4 collagen molecules under investigation are 3-8 kDa in size, which collagen on its own tend to exist at a molecular weight of 300 000 Da. Collagen from each different species exhibits different functional properties, but can be modified to exhibit a desired property.

Animal identification and emotion detection using deep convolutional neural networks

According to a recent report, when it comes to animal protection laws Canada has not been performing adequately, receiving a grade of “D” on the Animal Protection Index (API). The low marks received were for not having adequate legislation protecting wildlife in captivity, working animals, farm animals, animals used in research and companion animals. At the same time, public support for improving animal welfare is high.

Hyivy device as non-hormonal therapeutic for endometriosis

Hyivy Health and McMaster University are collaborating on a research study around the effects of the Hyivy Therapy Device as a non-hormonal therapeutic for people with endometriosis. The goal is to track the effects on chronic pelvic pain while exploring the impact on quality of life, usability, and sexual function. Results of this study will provide a new strategy for people suffering with endometriosis to manage their pain.

An Information Representation Framework for the Performing Arts

As much of the performing arts activity has moved to the virtual space over the past eighteen months, an effective online presence, as well as an efficient way to reach potential audiences has become essential for arts organizations everywhere. Information that can be machine processed effectively is key to a successful online presence.

Preventing Sexual and Dating-Based Violence on GSNAs

Sexual assault support centres and services across Canada are working to adapt their resources to the reality that an increasing number of young Canadians are meeting romantic and sexual partners through geo-social networking apps (GSNAs): dating and hook-up apps like Tinder and Bumble. Combined, the world’s top four GSNAs have over 90 million users. While recent research has focused on the misogyny, sexism, and harassment that users endure on social media, there is little research into understanding what roles GSNAs are playing in sexual and gender-based violence online.

The Development of a Hemocompatible Protein-Capturing Filter Materials for the Efficient Production of Universal Blood

Recent scientific findings identified a set of enzymes in the human gut that can selectively convert blood group antigens to universal blood type O, by cleaving off the sugar chains present on the surface of red blood cells (RBCs). The increased availability of universal donor blood decrease the shortage of such precious product and will save patients in emergency. However, the application of these new enzymes currently requires a centrifugation step to remove the enzymes from the blood prior to transfusion. As a result, the upscaling of this technique is very challenging.

AK Platform – Soft skills learning as a key resource for faster job placement

Canada, a country composed presently of 20 percentage of immigrants, aims to be a world leader in global problem-solving. To do so, and to draw from the insights and ingenuity of the immigrant population, requires that Canadian organizations develop faster and more effective ways of adapting newcomers into the labor market. Especially, as extant research has found, that skilled immigrant workers are presently constrained within the labor market and this restricts Canadian organizational performance and curtails Canada's competitiveness.

Research of Enhanced Analytical Applications for Investment Funds and Portfolios; Development and Design of Statistical Risk Models and Dashboards

Anchor Pacific Financial Risk Labs (“AP Fin Labs”) in partnership with SFU and MITACS, seeks to research, develop, and design an Investment Portfolio Analytics Data Engine and Graphic User Interface (the “Project”) for commercial delivery as an enterprise offering for wealth management firms and their investment advisors, as well as other investment firms and asset owners.

Going Beyond Backlash: Mitigating Resistance to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives

Some may think that it is only members of underrepresented and marginalized groups who experience identity threat in an organization. However, members of traditionally well-represented groups can feel threatened by diversity, equity, and justice (DEI) initiatives, and this can result to backlash which could derail those efforts.