Role of Ribosomal Protein Ubiquitination in Chemotherapy- and Stress-induced RNA disruption in Tumour Cells

We have observed that chemotherapy agents can induce RNA degradation in tumour cells, a phenomenon called “RNA disruption”. Interestingly, we also found that high tumour RNA disruption after 2-3 cycles of chemotherapy predicts for complete tumour destruction after treatment and improved cancer patient survival. We and Rna Diagnostics, Inc. are using this knowledge to identify patients with non-responding tumours early in treatment, who might benefit from discontinuing chemotherapy (and its side effects) and moving on to alternate treatments.

A Novel Radiofrequency Treatment for Emphysema in Pig Model

A common condition that contributes to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is emphysema, which involves damage to the walls of air sacs in the lung. There are very limited safe and non-invasive options available, therefore IKOMED Technologies Inc. has been developing an application using radiofrequency wave technology that has shown the potential to non-surgically improve disease burden. The initial study was performed in the rodent model of emphysema with Dr. Don Sin, and study in larger animals is important for translation to clinical use.

Multi-scale Image integration for Surgical Guidance - Year two

During surgery, a neurosurgeon must refer to three levels of image information: macroscopic from the patient’s MRI or CT, providing anatomical context of the surgical target; mesoscopic information from a surgical microscope or exoscope providing a highly magnified view of the region surrounding the surgical target; and the most important microscopic information provided by histology samples of excised tissue that must be analyzed in a pathology laboratory.

Good Vibrations: An exploration into the causal relationship between experience, memory, and sustainable behaviour at Canadian live music festivals

“Good Vibrations,” explores the relationship between fan experience, memory, satisfaction, and behaviour at multiple Canadian live music festival. Experience is split into the concepts of entertainment, education, environment, and escapism, with each factor measured and compared, creating a fulsome picture of fan experience at live music events. Future research involves a deeper review of the relationship between educationand memory, to explore the effect learning has on satisfaction at live music events.

Stream Data Analytics Pipeline Based on IoT Big Data Environment for Safer Fleets and Smart Cities

Road safety affects everyone, not just Geotab customers. With several years of driving and environmental datafrom over 2 million connected vehicles we have an opportunity to make our customers safer, as well as ourcommunities and cities. To reduce accidents, we need to understand both the driving behavioural patterns thatare predictive of accidents, and the environmental factors involved.

Assessing the role of over-wintering marine sites in supporting declining Surf Scoters (Melanitta perspicillata) in the Salish Sea.

Many populations of marine birds in the Salish Sea are declining rapidly, yet the source of these declines remains unclear. This project focuses on assessing changes relative to historical surveys in diet, body condition, and prey availability of Surf Scoters in several nearshore marine areas. This study employs methods of DNA metabarcoding to assess diet which is an emerging non-lethal alternative to conventional methods of diet analysis for marine birds. Results of this study will resolve important gaps in our understanding of this species.

Developing a knowledge translation activity to share the neuroscience of living with housing instability

Homelessness is a growing challenge in Canada, with devastating economic and social costs. Neuroscience offers important insights into the causes and consequences of homelessness. Individuals experiencing housing instability are more likely to have a history of brain injury and mental illness than the general population. These brain-based conditions can be associated with impaired cognition, which can include difficulties in tasks such as following instructions, completing paperwork, or managing a schedule.

Data-driven vocal biomarkers to detect depression severity in transdiagnostic patients

Over 3 million Canadians suffer from a form of depression. In addition, mood disorders are highly disabling, anddepression is the third leading cause of disability. Currently, patients are diagnosed using symptom questionnaires, and we don’t currently have objective ways to measure and predict the severity of depression in a cost-effective way. As such, there is a growing interest in using mobile phone applications to record the speech of patients and use the physical properties of speech and content of words to make predictions.

Social media with a purpose: Leveraging blockchain technology to create a new form of political communication amongst youth

How we communicate socially has greatly advanced in the past 100 years, and yet how we communicate politically remains virtually stagnant. Young adults are frustrated with casting a ballot once every four years and are instead resorting to venting their political frustrations on social media. However, both political communication methods do not create desired political change. To empower citizens with a new form of political communication and address the problem of passive political participation amongst youth, Veras Technologies Inc.

Development of a tele-health rehabilitation system to provide automatic assessment of patients’ performance, improve patients’ adherence and enable remote rehabilitation-Phase II

Lack of customized patient education leads to medical errors which are the third leading cause of death in North America. Most patients don’t fully understand the role they need to play before and after their surgeries for reasons like language barriers. They forget up to 80% of the information provided to them, and half of what is remembered is misremembered. It means there is a chance that surgeries won’t happen as planned. That’s dangerous for patients and can be frustrating and expensive for caregivers.