Expecting the Unexpected: Disaster Vulnerability and Evacuation Planning

While naturals disasters and extreme weather events continue to increase in both frequency and severity due to climate change, communities around the world continue to suffer major social, environmental and economic losses. However, rural communities in particular are struggling to develop adequate adaptation plans and perform risk reduction actions due to limited human and financial resources.

A Multi-Case Study to Advancing Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Performance Management Strategies

The role of accountants, especially in today’s fast changing data-driven world, is continually evolving. Responding to the technological advancements as well as to the increasing amounts and complexity of data available, accountants need to develop skills that go beyond their traditional training. Businesses and their accounting departments need to be able to not only collect information through billing, reporting, and operations, but also need to be able to evaluate and analyze the information received from internal and external sources.

Understanding the Operational, Human, and Policy Implications for a Roadmap to Canada’s Next Generation 9-1-1 Services

The project will create a research-based strategic plan and roadmap that describes when and how to best introduce NG-911 services in British Columbia. The research needs to consider the unique BC context including review of current legislation, our emergency response structures and practices, current technologies, societal expectations and political norms. The work also needs to consider global trends and developments in emergency communications from industry, government and emergency response agency perspectives and identify the implications in BC.

Development and Improvement of Solantro Self-Forming Nano-Grid (SFnG)

With the development of industry, more and more energy consumption has brought about a huge crisis. The development of renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaic equipment, offers new hope for solving energy problems. Solantro SFnG has been developed and operated in the company’s lab for about 5 years. This real-life nanogrid contains PV panels, energy storage units, a variety of loads and the micro-chip controller.

Insecurity of tenure as a lesser known health and wellbeing crisis: Health and wellbeing perspectives of young families and children living without security of tenure

Major cities in Canada and across the world are undergoing housing crises that are pushing its vulnerable residents into housing insecurity. Security of tenure is a lesser-known and researched element that contributes to housing insecurity and its negative health and wellbeing impacts. To ensure the positive health and wellbeing outcomes of cities’ families and their children, developers and housing policy-makers should understand how insecurity of tenure, a critical challenge in housing insecurity, can affect the health and wellbeing perspectives of families and their children.

Single fit bespoke bra for atypical breast dimension and shape

Many women face large hurdles when looking for a bra that is fitting, supporting, and comfortable. This is especially true for women with oversized breasts or who have undergone mastectomy. In additional to emotional distress and poor self-esteem, the lack of fitting and supporting bra may lead to back and chest pain, and negatively impact sleep, sexual activity, and quality of life among others.

A Needs Assessment of Community Resources and Services for People with Cancer and Their Families in New Brunswick

This research is aiming to discover the experiences of people with a cancer diagnosis and their families in terms of accessing and receiving medical and support services and resources in New Brunswick, and any perceived gaps and barriers they have encountered during their journey. Additionally, this research will explore what a supportive care centre for people with a cancer diagnosis and their families would ideally look like in New Brunswick.

British Columbia – A History

British Columbia - A History is a 4-part documentary television series and an interactive online historical timeline of the past 150+ years of BC history that will be comprised of interviews, archives and news research that will explore methods of historical recreation and knowledge production by incorporating an inclusive and multi-narrative approach to major historical events in the recent past and during the formation of the province, for Knowledge Network.

Through purposeful, deep archival and historical news research interns will learn how to scrutinize materials for an inclusive and plu

Performative Construction: Configuring a Computer-controlled Robotic Manufacturing Setting for Composite Wood Buildings

This research project will explore and devise a digital simulation platform for architects with which custom-designed buildings can be manufactured by robotics from composite wood paneling systems. In a practice-based approach, the intern will develop a simulation tool for a unique manufacturing setting by linking and modifying computer software. The digital platform supports architects in decision-making through a visual representation of the production process and by providing useful information regarding manufacturing lines, i.e., time, cost, equipment, and materials used.

Optimization of Biodistribution and Efficacy of Fusogenix Nanoparticles in Mouse Model

Cancer cells can spread to the different parts of the body and form new tumors, in a process called metastasis. Individual cancer cells obtain the ability to metastasize by changing their genome and activating several genes required for cancer cell detachment from the tumor cluster, traveling to the new site, and growing in the new site. The Lewis Lab has recently identified a panel of genes necessary for cancer cell metastasis, and they have been designing a gene therapy-based treatment to turn off these genes in order to stop cancer cell spreading from where it starts.