Exploring the economic impacts of Human-Centered Design in the context of a non profit organization

This exploratory research will seek to answer the primary question generally asked by many industry professionals- “how to evaluate the economic assessment of projects (using Human Centered Design (HCD) philosophy)”. This research will explore how to create an ROI/cost benefit analysis tool to measure economic impacts of the specific type of projects. This report will highlight the associated challenges and current industry best practices to better understand the framework development.

Evidence-informed Planning and Evaluation of Community Transitions: Impact on Health and Quality of Life (Phase II)

Many of St.Amant’s services are shifting to provide the most inclusive, supportive, community-based services with the intention of enhancing health, accessing to healthcare, and improving the quality of life of persons supported and that of their families and caregivers. As part of its vision statement, St.Amant is supporting a number of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout their move from St.Amant Health and Transition Services to a variety of community-based residences.

Advancing municipal natural asset management through monitoring & engagement

Canadian local governments are seeking new strategies to deliver their core services in more financially and environmentally sustainable ways, including turning to infrastructure asset management as a key tool to manage infrastructure. Municipalities are increasingly recognizing that natural assets such as aquifers, forests, streams and foreshores can provide equivalent or better services to many engineered assets.

Determining the value of community based police teams

In an era where the costs of policing are constantly under scrutiny, the time has come for policing organizations to re-evaluate the services they provide.

2020 International Ice Hockey Federation Women’s World Championship: Legacy Development Project

The International Ice Hockey Federation’s (IIHF) Women’s World Championship tournament is the most significant women’s hockey event outside of the Winter Olympic Games. International events like this are often considered to bring benefits to the local sport community; however, research has systematically demonstrated that hosting alone will not guarantee a legacy.

An Integrated Multi-Case Study Approach to Identify Employee Training Best Practices to Drive SME Business Development

E training and development has been repeatedly identified in studies to be a major contributor to corporate financial performance. Large enterprises maintain dedicated training departments, while a vast array of consultants and corporate education companies exist to help small and medium sized enterprises.

An Integrated Multi-Case Study Approach to Advancing Business-to-Business (B2B) Online Marketing Strategies In an Expanded Multi-sector Study with 15 Companies

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is considerably different from the business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Marketing strategies do not necessarily translate from one segment to another. This is evident in the social media/online marketing arena where many of the strategies and tools have been developed primarily for B2C marketing which results in many B2B companies dismissing social media/online marketing tools as irrelevant for their business. While social and online marketing may differ for a B2B context, it should not be dismissed.

Reducing Waste in Seafood Supply Chains to increase Sustainability

Sedna Technologies is an innovative fisheries technology firm working to increase sustainability in the commercial fishing industry with the adoption of innovative technology. By eliminating waste, more harvested product can make it to market and satisfy demand. Sedna is continuing to grow and is beginning to develop predictive analytics platforms to organize and distribute relevant data to clients in order to achieve the objectives mentioned.
With a reduction in waste, higher incomes can be achieved, and a product of high integrity can meet market demand.

Microwave Sensors Packaging for Liquid Materials Characterization in Harsh Environments

Industrial processes are continuously evolving to reduce environmental pollution, save energy, and remain economically competitive. In order to achieve these goals and optimize industrial processes such as combustion in cars and airplanes, or drilling in downhole oil extraction wells, the processes parameters need to be accurately monitored and effectively analyzed. Sensors are able to transduce physical signals into meaningful electronic signals for processing and decision-making purposes.

Modeling the effects of probiotics in Parkinson’s disease through human stem cell derived midbrain organoids

New studies have implicated the gut as the staging area for the start of Parkinson’s disease. Disruptions in the gut biota can promote the formation of toxic protein seeds that can move from the gut into the brain, spreading through the brain and causing progressive loss of neurons and problems with movement. It still needs to be proven if probiotics can help treat disease. We propose to examine this idea by testing how probiotics influence the function of neurons and other brain cells.