A Folklife Festival for Newfoundland and Labrador: Issues in the Presentation of Culture in Festival Events

The intern will work with the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador (HFNL) on a research project to create a model for an annual Intangible Cultural Heritage Folklife Festival. The student will organize and oversee a one‐day festival, and will focus on creating a framework for appropriate cultural presentations following a festival format, sensitive to the needs of grassroots cultural groups.

Colour Perception with MicroTile Digital Displays

This project will evaluate the quality of color video displays and will provide quantitative information for color scientists to use to evaluate different models of color differences. The data will be obtained using color normal observers and using non-invasive psychophysical procedures to evaluate color perception with video displays. The results of these experiments in addition to providing basic science data, will help Christie Digital by providing a quantitative analysis of color performance with the new display technology that has been developed by them.

Combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Harvest of Lake Sturgeon: The role of whole chain traceability

The intern will assist the Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association in determining potential entry points and methods of IUU (Illegal, Unregulated, Unreported) sturgeon and sturgeon products into the legal supply chain. Based on this, the intern will assess the effectiveness and efficiency of counter]measures based on whole supply chain traceability solutions.

Control of fruit ripening in stone fruits – a molecular perspective

Fruits such as peaches and plums are highly perishable fruits with a very short shelf life and hence are aptly called ‘tender fruits’. This necessitates the growing of several varieties that ripen at different time slots to ensure that there is a continual supply of these fruits in the market during the short season of availability. It is interesting to note that, though all these diverse varieties flower at about the same time in spring, fruit ripening is extended by a few weeks in some varieties over the other.

Benefits to Poultry Value Chain Participants of Providing New Producer Incentives for Improved Quality

This project will provide information to Canadian chicken producers and processors that will help them to produce high-quality chicken more efficiently. This objective will be achieved by rewarding producers for their quality-contributing production efforts. The analytical emphasis will be on reviewing and assessing selected, successful quality-rewarding pricing schemes in the poultry industries outside of Canada, and on developing the key elements of a pricing scheme for Canadian chicken producers that explicitly integrates selected, novel quality traits.