Thermal design of electric wheel integrated with hybrid battery pack

This project will integrate normal temperature battery (NTB) that is cheap but only can discharge above-20?, and low temperature battery (LTB) that is expensive but can work at -40? into an insulated housing with a smart hybrid battery management system. And a heat pipe with design trigger temperature will be integrated to the housing to prevent overheating of NTB, which will ensure the hybrid battery can work properly in both hot and cold environment.

Analysis and Design of Fast Charging System with Flywheel Energy Storage Platform

This project is aiming at the design and analysis of high-performance fast charging system (FCS) to decrease charging time and reduce the high demand effect in the power grid. Besides, the target fast charging system will support transportation electrification infrastructures, maximize customer satisfaction, reduced operational costs and CO2 emissions. The analysis of the FCS system will provide resilient features to ensure minimum operation interruptions. Also, the system maximizes the charging time by protecting battery life.

Childhood Healthy Weights Early Intervention Program: Scale-up

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a family-based intervention targeting families of children who are off the healthy weight trajectory. The EIP is a 10-week program offered at community centers across BC where children and their families meet once a week for 90 minutes as well as online. Parents will be provided with healthy lifestyle content and will engage in discussions on how to engage in health behaviours, and children will participate in physical activities aiming to enhance their motor skills.

Quantifying the contribution of physical contact to athlete training load and performance in women's rugby sevens

The combination of high-speed running and contact in a rugby sevens (sevens) match is tiring and potentially harmful to athletes. Closely monitoring athlete training loads improves in-game performance and protects from injury. Non-contact injuries, including those from sprinting, account for 10.0% of women's sevens injuries, making contact-related injuries, including those from tackles, far more common. The velocities and forces of collisions have been studied in men's rugby union, league, and sevens using wearable technology like GPS units.

Stable isotope measurements of vanadium and molybdenum as tracers for treated oil-sands process affected water

Petroleum coke (PC) is a by-product of the extraction of crude oil from the Oil Sands in northern Alberta and has been shown to effectively remove total acid-extractable organics from oil sands process-affected water. This treatment may also lead to an increase in some heavy metals in the treated water and it is important to distinguish between coke-derived elements and those found naturally. The objective of the project is to develop an understanding of the sources and sinks of vanadium and molybdenum in the petroleum coke treated water in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region.

Measuring entanglement in quantum magnetic systems with strong long-range correlations

D-Wave systems purports to have designed a quantum processor based on scalable architecture that physically implements quantum annealing, an algorithm that can be used to solve a wide variety of optimization problems. In order for D-Wave devices to exhibit a performance advantage over classical processors, it is necessary that the devices utilize a resource that is inaccessible to any classical algorithm. This resource is generally associated with quantum entanglement.

Frontiers in Continuous Variable Quantum Computation: From Theory to Practical Demonstration

Continuous variable (CV) encodings in photonic systems are emerging as one of the most promising avenues to near term, practical, quantum computing. In order for a CV quantum computer to outperform its classical counterparts it requires the integration of at least one “non-Gaussian” element.

Improvement of an all-on-chip assay for studying cell migration

Cell migration assays (CMA) are fundamental cellular functional tests that are routinely performed in many areas of cell research such as tissue development, wound healing, cancer metastasis and immune response. We have developed a prototype microfluidic all-on-chip CMA that allows rapid immune cell migration assay tested directly from one drop of whole blood. This chip is also useful to test other non-immune cell types and offers significant advantages over the existing CMA such as easy-operation, initial cell position control, and on-chip cell separation.

Development of a Borehole Muon Detector for Muon Tomography - Year two

CRM Geotomography Technologies (CRM) has developed detectors that are able to measure cosmic ray muon particles underground. By measuring the rate at which these particles pass through the detectors, it is possible to reconstruct a three-dimensional map of the density of the earth’s subsurface above the detectors. This technique is called muon tomography. CRM’s detectors have been successfully used to search for ore bodies in and nearby existing mines.

Radio-frequency Thermal Plasma Assisted Solid Waste Conversion to Energy using Thermochemical Process Technology

The field of plastic waste management is essential for sustainable society that utilizes plastic waste for energy production. Land filing and incineration of plastic waste has large environmental impacts due to GHG emissions. Thus, pyrolysis is considered a low environmental impact process with high value end products. RF thermal plasma technology will help reduce operating cost, cleaner thermal source, shorten reaction time and provide high quality hydrocarbon gasoline and diesel.