Increasing Engagement and Reducing Barriers to Participation among Immigrant Voters in Canadian Big-City Elections

In this mixed-methods study, we aim to identify specific experiences and institutional barriers that prevent recent immigrants from engaging with and participating in municipal elections in the city of Calgary, Alberta. Using a systematic literature review and data from focus groups and in-depth interviews in Calgary, we will first develop a list of the concrete local factors that reduce interest and engagement in municipal elections among new Canadians.

Advancing the reliability of social media discourse as a measure of public sentiment about COVID-19

The proposed research is to develop a method for making valid, representative estimates of public opinion from sufficiently large and diverse non-probability samples such as social media data. We aim to demonstrate the theoretical, methodological, and practical contributions to the field of public opinion research by demonstrating the reliability and utility of this method in the context of measuring public responses to COVID-19. The measurement of public opinion as it pertains to COVID-19 is critical to strengthening understandings of the pandemic’s broad social and economic implications.

Toxic Disinformation: Credibility Attacks Against Journalists

Journalists around the world face attacks on their reputations and efforts to undermine the impact of their work. These “credibility attacks" can take the form of false allegations, insults about their character or professionalism, or denigration of their social identity. They often take place online, and in some cases involve disinformation tactics such as doctored images and accusations spread by actors using fake identities.

NBMC Intercultural and Anti-Racism Skills Toolkit – Research and Development Project

The New Brunswick Multicultural Council is the developer and coordinator for the Creating Inclusive Workplaces and Communities training program, and this organization is in the process of developing an anti-racism training program.

Understanding the Rise of the Right: A Podcast Series

The surge of radical right wing movements is one of the defining characteristics of this political moment, and it has the potential for the most grave repercussions. To date, little critical research about the ideational foundations of modern far right movements and the danger they pose has been effectively mobilized to the public.

Identifying Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs When Starting and Growing Businesses in Cambodia

This research project will focus on identifying challenges that women entrepreneurs in Cambodia face when starting and/or growing businesses. The purpose of the research is to help organizations identify areas where they can improve their services offered to empower women to start and grow their businesses. This research will be done by collecting participant feedback through the Monkiri E-Learning Application. Participants will be separated into groups and a randomized selection will be interviewed.

Indigenous peoples’ representation in the Greater Toronto Area construction industry

This research project seeks to identify and draw attention to the historical factors leading to the underrepresentation of Indigenous workers in unionized sectors of the construction industry; the problematic relationship between Indigenous workers and their non-Indigenous counterparts, employers and trade unionists; and past and present efforts to address these problems. This work will aid in thinking through the transformation of hiring practices, apprenticeship and other skills training programs, and union models of organizing and outreach to better represent Indigenous workers.

Validating Existing Understandings of National Nonprofit Environments

The politics of information, and information availability, affect civil society's ability to participate in democratic governance and the ability to establish accountability and credibility. New nonprofit regulations create additional reporting requirements, but much of this information is withheld from the sector itself.

Building Standards for Online Voting: Safeguarding the Industry

This goal of this project is to develop a Standards Proposal and initial framework to guide the use of online voting in municipal elections in Ontario. Elections in municipalities in Ontario are among the most digital in the world, yet there are no guidelines to shepherd use of the technology. Working with our partners we will develop a Standards Proposal to co-create online voting standards with stakeholders (i.e., municipalities, vendors, local associations).

COVID-19 Monitor: a rolling public opinion study on the dynamics of the pandemic

This project will undertake a year-long rolling study of public opinion across eight countries—Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Brazil. It will measure the health, social, and economic impacts of COVID-19 throughout the duration of the pandemic and during its immediate aftermath. The study will be comprised of multiple survey waves in each country, mostly drawn from Vox Pop Labs’ proprietary online respondent panel, which is comprised of several million people worldwide.