Evaluating the effectiveness of a multimodal intensive episodic treatment centre for youth Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) victims: The Be Brave Ranch

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is an all too prevalent form of childhood trauma worldwide. Nearly 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men experience some form of abuse in their childhood. CSA has been linked to numerous long-term effects: PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, suicidal ideation, and cognitive impairment. Growing awareness of the problem has led more individuals to seek professional treatment. At present, there is no gold-standard for CSA treatment, particularly in youth.

Understanding Disengagement from Early Psychosis Intervention Services

While the effectiveness of early psychosis interventions (EPI) for young people with first-episode psychosis has been well-established, research suggests that almost one-third of patients disengage from services. Although lack of family involvement and substance use have arisen as consistent factors associated with EPI disengagement, many other factors remain unexplored. Furthermore, few studies have explored patient and family member perspectives on engagement.

Hearing aid sound quality optimization across different hearing aid styles

Hearing aids are a common intervention for hearing loss and current devices use sophisticated signal-processing to improve speech intelligibility (i.e., understanding words). These functions may also be detrimental to sound quality (i.e., “goodness” of sound) and this detriment can be a significant barrier to hearing aid satisfaction. Increasing the hearing aid bass response can improve sound quality but doing so is not always achievable. Hearing aids do not always seal the ear, which allows for bass content to leak from the ear.

Improving Human Performance in Sport through Physical, Psychological, and Social Sciences.

The research through the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic will provide more information to people in the sport and physical activity area about strategies for increasing performance levels of athletes and coaches. A combination of research from the physical, psychological, and social science areas provide a comprehensive approach to understanding performance and how it can be improved, predicted and stabilized.

Understanding Wisdom and Teaching it at Scale

Preparing students for a changing job market means teaching them the skills needed to succeed across a wide range of contexts. Employers especially value the sort of person who can solve problems in ways that address the complexity of real world contexts, people colloquially referred to as wise. What exactly do we mean when we use that term, and can Wisdom be taught within an already constrained education system?

An investigation into the motivations of individuals who volunteer and work at charitable and not-for-profit organizations

The goals of this research proposal, therefore, are to: 1) conduct a publishable review of the psychological literature to further understand the motivations of the unique group of individuals who choose to volunteer or work with charitable or not-for-profit organizations; and 2) develop an employee survey that will provide further insight into the motivations of this group of individuals. Taken together, these two products will provide a solid foundation for other human resources documents and practices at charitable and not-for-profit organizations.

Assessment of the "Pathway to Resilience" program

The purpose of this research is to develop an assessment for the "Pathway to Resilience" program. The "Pathway to Resilience" program is a resilience training program for employees developed by Air Institute. The assessment created during this internship will be used to assess the program's effectiveness. This assessment will be used to guide organizational reports delivered to client organizations following the program.

"Virtually" connected: Can virtual reality technology foster closeness and intimacy in romantic relationships?

Social connections, especially satisfying romantic relationships, are vital for health and well-being. Yet, couples are spending increasingly more time apart, limiting opportunities for connection and intimacy. However, engaging in shared novel activities (i.e. self-expanding activities) can help couples connect and maintain their relationship over time. Indeed, couples who experience more self-expanding opportunities in relationships feel closer to their partner and are more satisfied and connected in their relationship.

Phase 1 of Enhanced Measurement-Based Care Effectiveness for Depression (EMBED): A Canada-China Implementation Project (Salary Support for Postdoctoral Research Fellow) - Year two

EMBED (Enhanced Measurement-Based Care Effectiveness for Depression) is a multistage collaboration between mental health researchers and advocates based in Canada, China, USA, and Australia.

A Cross-Cultural Study of Electromyography Input for Older Adults

The proposed research concerns the use of Electromyography (EMG) input, via the Myo Armband, for older adults (OAs). EMG input, such as that available through off-the-shelf products, such as the Myo armband (made by a Canadian firm, Thalmic Labs from Waterloo), enables access to interactive commands in an intelligent home setting. Gestures facilitated by EMG armbands require brisk movements, and require extending our arms/forearms beyond the level of comfort of even the range-of-motion possible by OAs.