Development of a cricket growth accelerant

The major goal of this project is to develop a method to improve the production efficiency of cricket farming in the partner organization. Cricket farming has a potential to support the growing global population by serving as a rich source of animal protein. Many start-up companies are emerging, but the limited knowledge and experience in culturing cricket attenuates its yields. In this project, we will build on a recent scientific achievement by the intern. Dr. Miyashita discovered that honey bee royal jelly increases 1) body size, 2) survival, and 3) growth rate of crickets.

Therapeutic Intervention of Cannabinoids in a Pre-Clinical Rat Model of PTSD

National Legalization of Cannabis has occurred in Canada. Very little is known about the different compounds in the Cannabis Plant. The two main compounds are THC and CBD. Both of them have shown some benefits for different conditions. We would like to determine the best dose and ratio of compounds within the Cannabis plant for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Anxiety to build evidence for a large-scale clinical trial. More data will help support safe and effective use of Cannabis, which may provide an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

A preclinical study evaluating INOLIFE’s needle-free injection system (INOJEX) with cannabidiol (CBD) for the treatment of neuropathic pain and associated anxiety-depressive symptoms in rats.

Chronic neuropathic pain affects millions of Canadians for which the government spends ~$6 billion a year on treatment. It is therefore imperative to find new therapies with few side effects and high therapeutic efficacy. This study will examine the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-intoxicating component of cannabis. Studies have shown that CBD has ant-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain-relieving effects.

The Essence of Improvisation: Promoting Emotional Fitness in Employees, Products, and Customer Experiences

My proposal directly builds on my Ph.D. work, which has concerned how musical and theatre improvisation can be applied in business and public health settings to promote cognitive and social-cognitive goals.

Assessing the effectiveness of plain packaging in reducing smoking rates: A mixed method approach - Year two

Tobacco is the number one cause of lung disease and death in Canada, and Nova Scotia in particular. For this reason, tobacco control is the number one priority for the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. To maximize the impact of its initiatives, the Lung Association of Nova Scotia is interested in collaborating with the post-doctoral fellow through the Elevate fellowship.
The engagement of the Lung Association of Nova Scotia with the proposed plain packaging project means that they are supporting local and innovative research.

Validation of novel neurofeedback training engine for improving brain health in aging and neurodevelopmental disorders - Year two

Memory impairment is the most common complaint associated with aging. Promising interventions based on research are generally reserved for clinical settings. Technological advancement has now made it possible to administer neurofeedback, an established technique for self-regulating brain waves, using portable technology. xSensa Labs, the partner organization, has developed a digital solution that translates research protocols for neurofeedback into portable technology for improving cognition.

Understanding mental health experiences of adults 50 years and older living in the Similkameen: A qualitative study using photovoice

The purpose of this study is to understand and promote awareness of the mental health experiences of adults 50 years of age and older who live in a rural community. This study uses photovoice, a research and advocacy method that helps people to tell their stories with photos. Participants will determine what types of experiences (e.g., stigma, resilience) will be explored by taking photos. After attending a photovoice workshop, participants will take their photos.

Evaluation measurements for an E-Learning Occupational Mental Health Program

This project will recruit an intern to develop appropriate methodologies in order to assess the effectiveness of an occupational mental health promotion program that uses a blended format of in-person sessions and online learning. The intern will work closely with the industry partner to review, develop, and pilot assessment tools, oversee the data collection, analyze data collected, and generate reports and publications for dissemination.

Efficacy of a perceptive-cognitive training to improve ice-hockey performance

The Neurotracker training requires participants to follow and identify holographic tennis balls moving randomly in a 3D environment. The company developing this training, CogniSens, inc. claims that it can improve sports performance by enhancing, among others, selective attention and working memory. This research project tests the efficacy of the NeuroTracker training to improve sports performance in ice-hockey.

Economic Impact of Tourism in Kingston

At this juncture, much data on tourism in Kingston has been collected. However, no appropriate statistical method and analysis has been implemented yet to understand these data. The current project thus aims to create a benchmark for tourism data for Kingston by adopting various modelling techniques (e.g., Hierarchical Linear Modelling (Gelman, 2007), Multilevel Modeling (Green and Salkind, 2003), Regression, and Correlational analysis) to better understand and interpret these data.