Developing and Assessing Composite Production Technology

Police commonly create composite pictures of criminals in order to aid their search for suspects. Traditionally, composites have been created from large sets of pictures or line drawings of features, (e.g. eyes, mouths, noses, hair). Such systems produce poor likenesses. 3D Sherlock Software is a computer-based program for developing facial composites that relies on three dimensional facial images. The program works iteratively based on images selected by users to move towards a better and better likeness of the target individual.

Screening for Risky Cannabis Use in a Canadian Population Survey

The purpose of this internship with the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse is to compare the effectiveness of two instruments that assess risky/problematic cannabis use (i.e. the ASSIST and the CUDIT), for predicting cannabis‐related harms in the new national survey of drug and alcohol use, and to recommend which of the two instruments be retained in future cycles of the survey. Second, the research will need to validate criteria (i.e. cut‐off scores) for identifying problematic/risky use of cannabis.

Neural Correlates of Branding Effects across Different Media

The purpose of branding is to create high brand familiarity and positive brand image which contribute to the building of brand equity. The underlying mechanisms, both at a cognitive and electrophysiological level, are poorly understood. The main goal of this study will be the exploration of the electrophysiological correlates of branding of a familiar product and compare these effects across different media channels. If branding through TV, as explored in one study, produces a certain effect on brain waves, does branding in print and online produce the same or similar effect?

Spatial Listening, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Aids

Normal listeners have a remarkable ability to localize sounds because the brain can analyze the slight differences between the sound waves arriving at the two ears. These different cues are less important when the listener knows where a talker is located, but they are extremely important when speech comes from an unexpected location, as often happens in everyday situations.

Development of a Systematic and Objective Study to Improve the Diagnostic Accuracy of Malingering in Litigating Patients

This research relates to the development of a systematic and objective study to improve the diagnostic accuracy of malingering in litigating patients by way archival research. Research of this nature and quality is particularly pertinent to service providers who provide independent medical examinations to insurance companies for the purpose of claimant disability benefit entitlement, such as Evolve Assessments and Diagnostics.

But I Thought I had Asthma - Now What? Assessing the Feasibility of a Treatment Program for Patients with Functional Dyspnea

The medical team at the Asthma Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario is dedicated to providing the best care for its patients. Extensive investigations at the clinic have revealed that many patients present with functional dyspnea, the experience of breathlessness without an identifiable cause. Despite its undetectable organic pathology, those affected by functional dyspnea have a decreased quality of life. Unfortunately, the medical sphere is ill-equipped to provide treatment for patients whose symptoms do not have an identifiable origin.

Examining the Relationship Between Subjective Experience and Outcomes in Individuals with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

The proposed research project will assess psychiatric patients shortly before hospital discharge and then conduct follow-up assessments once a month in the community for three months. Assessment will include data collected from interviews as well as file reviews and will focus on the effect of patient perceptions on therapeutic and adverse outcomes.

Improving Care for Depressed Clients in an Employee and Family Assistance Program

Clinical depression is common among workers and leads to significant personal and economic burden. Previous research has shown that almost a third of workers presenting to Interlock, an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), reported symptoms of depression. Although all clients show significant improvement after EFAP intervention, depressed clients continued to have higher scores on work impairment and work absence than clients seeking help for other concerns.

Perception and Selection of Sponsored Links

The objective of the proposed project is to examine how users respond to the web links of familiar and unfamiliar brands when they are displayed at different locations in the search result pages in partnership with Enquiro Search Solutions, Inc, a privately held search engine marketing firm headquartered in Kelowna, BC. Participants will be asked to conduct a number of guided internet searches, searches for which they are provided the search terms.