A community-orientated "skills for success" research project

This research internship project with Ms. Birdsall shall investigate and develop a functional plan for a corporate social investment (CSI) model that integrates: (i) Douglas College’s Skills for Success recommendations with the industry partner’s current CSI program and future Social & Labour Plan [SLP] obligations; and (ii) the capabilities and potential resources of the South African partners – Northwest University and Orbit College, located in Rustenburg near the industry partner’s WBJV mine.

Growing Healthy Bodies: The development of a healthy body score-card for Canadian children and youth

This project represents the second step in the development of a “Healthy Body Scorecard” which will allow for more comprehensive and holistic approach to measurement and classification of health in children. This particular project will involve a questionnaire study designed to obtain expert opinion on the development of the scorecard as well as a focus group of experts to further guide the development of the scorecard. This project as a whole will be of significant benefit to the Sandbox Project and McDonalds Restaurants of Canada, the industry partner for this research.

Issues in Northern governance and development

The research plan has been jointly proposed by the academics of the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development and Cameco Corporation to meet the needs of industry, federal/provincial/local governments, and Northern Saskatchewan residents by researching key issues related to northern development and governance strategies.

Ipsos Reid-LISPOP Data Liberation Initiative

Ipsos Reid and WLU's Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy (LISPOP) have entered into a partnership by which the company will donate its raw data archive to Laurier, and LISPOP will undertake to catalogue that archive and make it available to secondary analysts through Scholar's Portal. As part of this project, Ipsos-Reid will work with two interns, each for four months, taken consecutively.

Access to Health Care in Labrador

This project will examine the barriers to health care services experienced by the people of Labrador. It will be conducted in three stages. First, a literature review will examine health issues facing Labradorians. Included in this will be a literature review of health research conducted in Canada's northern territories, as this area is culturally and geographically similar and issues parallel many of those in Labrador. Second, existing health status and health service utilization data will be examined to document current health status and utilization of health care services in Labrador.

Asbestosis, Fibrosis, Pulmonary Function and Computed Tomography Test Changes in an Asbestos-Exposed Cohort

Many workers in the Sarnia region have had past occupational exposure to asbestos. Currently, a study is under way at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto to attempt to detect early stage lung disease in these workers using low dose computed tomography imaging of the chest. The internship will evaluate the relationship between asbestos and smoking exposures, pulmonary function changes and asbestosis (fibrosis or scarring of the lung due to asbestos exposure). Data for this study will come from medical records, existing questionnaire data and results of computed tomography.