The International Centre for Northern Governance and Development Masters Degree Cluster 2012-2013

The Master in Northern Governance and Development (MNGD) is a project-based, interdisciplinary program meant to build capacity among northerners in northern Saskatchewan through a blended delivery model including face-to-face, videoconferencing, online and international field school instruction. The 2012-2013 internship research project will contribute to the MNGD graduate students’ research through the examination of community-based responses to rapid change and the development of the local capacity to respond.

Sleep disorders among a population with traumatic brain injury from a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Clinic

The proposed research will study the best way to evaluate sleep disorders among persons who suffered a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the workplace. We will draw upon the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board-insured workers being evaluated at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, approximately 300-400 annually, for mild to moderate TBI. This study will provide a better understanding of the evaluation of sleep disturbance among workers with this condition which serves to inform better assessment and treatment.

Examining Vocational Opportunities and Supports for Adults with ASD

The project addresses the under-studied area of vocational service for adults with ASD. The study will implement a mixed method research design consisting of: (1) an environmental scan examining vocational services in Alberta, (2) interviews and/or focus groups with adults with ASD and their caregivers examining their experiences and needs related to vocational supports, and (3) interviews and/or focus groups with employers or service agency personnel reviewing their processes and needs related to supporting adults with ASD.

Building a Service Model for a Successful Adjustment of Refugee Youth

The internship intends to build a service model for a successful adjustment of refugee youth through a systematic multi-method evaluation of a demonstration project delivered by MOSAIC. A total of forty youth (in four groups) will be recruited to a three]month program from July 2009 to June 2010. This internship offers a third]party evidence]based opinion of the effectiveness of MOSAICfs demonstration project.

Understanding the impact of affordable and social housing on childrens' well-being: Connecting research to policy and action

This project will extend an existing partnership between the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Applied Social Welfare Research and Evaluation Group at York Universiyt. The project will conduct a qualitative study of 20 families with children who are on the social housing waiting list to understand their experiences while waiting for affordable and social housing. The project will also translate and mobilize findings from the reserach on the role of affordable and social housing on children's well-being into plain language policy briefs, audio-visual formats and fact sheets.

Father engagement in addictions health services

Father engagement in addictions services with substance‐using mothers may be neglected, resulting in mothers’ poorer engagement and retention in addictions services, and subsequent compromised family health. To determine the extent and nature of father exclusion in ante‐partum, partum and post‐partum addictions services, and whether father exclusion affects mothers’ engagement and retention in services, a mixed methods study, using qualitative and quantitative methods, will be conducted at Fir Square Combined Care Unit, BC Women’s Hospital.


This internship with AMSSA, an affiliation of agencies providing immigrant settlement and multicultural services to communities, will survey and analyze all types of services for immigrants already being offered by AMSSA’s member agencies across BC through their broad-ranging service funder relationships. Generally speaking, each BC immigrant-serving agency holds a small number of “core” BC Ministry of Attorney General Settlement and Adaptation Program service contracts which allow for a basic range of information and referral, volunteer matching and ESL services.

The Health and Safety of Children Living in Marijuana Grow-Operations

Marijuana grow-operations are an increasing phenomenon in BC and of concern are the children who are found to be living in these dangerous and toxic environments. This study, in partnership with the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network and the BC Child and Youth Health Research Network as well as the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, will build upon the intern’s extensive experience in the field of child protection and her decade-long commitment to working with these children to ensure their safety from the hazards that indoor marijuana grow-operations present.