China’s Western Development Program in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, while coastal ‘Special Economic Zones’ and ‘Open Cities’ flourished in eastern China, western regions still languished in relative poverty.

A Rational Approach to Gaining “Citizens” Perspectives on Services in Rural Remote and Rural Adjacent Communities: A Case Study of the Grand-Falls-Windsor-Baie Verte-Harbour Breton Rural Secretariat Region

The overall objective of this project is to answer the question, from a stakeholder’s perspective, “what levels of basic services and accessibility are required to make rural communities attractive and healthy places to live”? The innovative approach, analytical network process models (ANP), used in this study will permit the stakeholders of the region to participate in focus groups that will avoid intrusive coaching and advice when prioritizing the level of services related to health, education and recreation.

Refugee Settlement Patterns in Metro Vancouver

The primary goal of this internship is to produce a web based resource as well as a printed document using a series of GIS maps and statistical highlights to identify neighbourhood settlement patterns of government assisted refugees (GARs) in Metro Vancouver from January 2005 to December 2009. ISSofBC will be able to increase our capacity to analysis data that we currently capture but have no ability to fully analysis.

The travel behaviour of recent immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area

The proposed research will explore how diverse recent immigrant populations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) use the transportation system to meet their daily-life needs.  The objectives are to explore how these groups make use of surrounding urban environments, provide a description of the processes used to secure transportation and the barriers faced, and examine the differences in experience across various urban and suburban jurisdictions.  Certain findings will have implications for low-income households in gernal, and for other groups with limited driving ability.  The proposed projec

Where the highway ends: a study of accessibility in the Pearl River Delta region, China

The project focuses on the relationship between economic development and transportation accessibility in extended metropolitan regions. A GIS-based analysis will examine this relationship for the Pearl River Delta (PRD), which is a large and expanding urban region in southern China. The intern will develop technique to measure how the location and geometry of highway systems affect urban and industrial growth and how accessibility to transportation systems informs the proximity and time/ distance measure of industrial firms.

Neighbourhood Influence on Outcomes of Supportive Housing

The study will examine about 12 supportive housing facilities located within the province of British Columbia. Three types of data will be cross-examined: data on neighbourhood characteristics, data regarding residents of socioeconomic status, and data issued from interviews with key informants and service providers. Data on neighbourhood characteristics include information such as the location of services and public transportation, the socio-economic profile of the neighbourhood, average housing price, etc.

Sustainable Community Economic Development in British Columbia

In this project, the intern will create a sustainable community economic development guide that will identify and document the current range of initiatives towards sustainable community economic development available to local governments in BC. This guide will outline the framework, methodology, tools, initiatives and resources available to local governments in BC striving to support local economies.

Purchasing Power: An Investigation of the Ethical Consumer and Affinity Markets in Ontario

Sumac Workers’ Co-operative, a worker-owned co-op in Guelph, Ontario, has recently launched WearFair, a new wholesale brand of Fair Trade certified t-shirts. They are unique in that both the labour and the agricultural production is certified Fair Trade. The proposed research would be to conduct preliminary and follow-up interviews and a survey of potential customers within 1) current Fair Trade consumers, 2) consumers who are either employees of, or otherwise engaged with, affinity organizations and 3) with members of the general public who are currently not involved with Fair Trade.

A Comparative Analysis into the Choice Behavior of Consumers with Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a common autoimmune disease triggered by dietary gluten proteins from wheat, barley and rye. This internship will enable the development, implementation and analysis of a web-based consumer survey among celiacs in North America.

Implementing and Expanding a Public Bicycle System in Metro Vancouver

This project with TransLink, the Greater Vancouver transit authority, will develop a map to encourage cyclists to navigate Vancouver using a proposed public bicycle system. The map will show riders the best routes to take, based on hard data such as road grade and quality as well as soft data such as aesthetics and viewpoints. The research will include conducting a survey, as well as administering interviews to gain insight into potential cyclist’s views on a public bicycle system.