Evaluating Dementia Inclusivity in Retirement Communities

Retirement Communities (RCs) are an attractive bridge between aging-in-place/staying at home and going to full care/LTC by allowing older adults to remain independent while still receiving minimal assistance, as well as access to activities and socialization opportunities. With the mean age of residents being 85 years old, these communities offer unique insight into the future of Canada’s aging population.

Understanding the cellular mechanisms sustaining functional capacity improvement with prehabilitation in colorectal cancer patients

Cancer is associated with weight loss, decreased muscle strength and inflammation. This has a tremendous impact on daily activity, autonomy and quality of life, involving both patients and care-givers. I previously worked on a preoperative intervention called ‘pre-habilitation’, a personalized exercise and nutritional supplementation delivered before surgery. The main idea is to prevent postoperative complications utilizing the time before surgery to put the patient in a better physical, nutritional and emotional state.

Improving the mechanical properties of thermoplastic blends using nanoadditives

Blending different polymers in order to produce new engineering material with added value is a standard method in polymer industry. Incompatibility between immiscible polymers is the main challenge in preparing these blends. This incompatibility can result in poor mechanical and morphological properties. Using compatibilizers and nanoadditives are two main methods of compatibilizing immiscible polymer blends.

Temperature and dosage dependence of biological damage induced by ultraviolet germicidal irradiation on pathogens and comparison with conventional chemical wipes

Healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) represent a common complication for hospitalized patients and can produce significant financial implications for the health care system. Unfortunately, mobile and handheld devices are recognized as a hub for bacteria and viruses that can cause these infections. To aid in a remedy for this, ultraviolet light is an emerging technology that is becoming increasingly popular for germicidal surface disinfection in healthcare.

Photons to Fish (PHISH): Ecosystem indicators of fish productivity

Recreational fisheries in Canada are estimated to provide over $2.5 billion dollars to local economies each year. There is a growing concern that industrial activities, climate change, and other factors may negatively impact the productivity of these fisheries and the freshwater ecosystems that support them. However, direct estimates of fish productivity are extremely challenging to undertake, especially in remote locations like Canada’s north.

Investigating Learning Cultures and Practices that Foster Experiential, Collaborative and Self-Directed Learning

The fundamental purpose of this research is to identify and understand ways in which workplaces can become “schools”, and facilitate meaningful learning for their employees. The intern will describe the main characteristics of an organizational learning culture that fosters experiential, self-directed and collaborative learning, document organizational practices that support such a learning culture and collect stories from organizations who have successfully developed such a culture.

The Institution of Esoteric Buddhism and the Economy of Religious Enterprise in Mid-Tang P

This research project tries to explore how the Esoteric School of Buddhism established, maintained, and reformed its sectarian institution in China from the mid-eighth to the early ninth century. The project will answer the question by showing how monastic business of the school was developed and adapted for the purpose of attracting patronage in drastically changing political and economic circumstances and how it was realized by the leaders? creative interpretation of the school?s theology and soteriology.

Comparative effectiveness of prophylactic therapies for necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants: a network meta-analysis of randomized trials – Phase II

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is the most common and serious intestinal disease among premature infants. It happens when tissue in the small or large intestine is injured or begins to die off. This causes the intestine to become inflamed or, in rare cases, develop perforation. It is associated with significant mortality and morbidity in preterm neonates. Current literature on prevention of NEC lacks direct and indirect comparisons of available therapies. Using state-of-art methods (e.g.

Improving Signal Prediction of a Real-time Radiotherapy Beam Monitor using Artificial Neural Network

The science and technology of Radiotherapy for treating cancerous tumor more accurately and precisely is improving constantly with the availability of cutting-edge imaging systems in Radiation Treatment room, and advancements in computer technologies. However, these improvements are associated with complexities and potential risks. To mitigate the risks, a new class of Quality Assurance (QA) systems are emerging.

Validation of small molecule inhibitors of PARG

Many types of cancer are currently untreatable. In Canada alone, 78,000 cancer-related deaths are seen annually, and obviously, new therapies are needed. We have identified the protein PARG as a potent stimulator of cancer growth and a valid target for anti-cancer therapy. However, specific, cell permeable inhibitors of PARG have historically been difficult to generate. Thus, PARG inhibitors have not yet reached the market nor even clinical trials. Towards this goal we have initiated a project to identify drugs to inhibit PARG.