In some cases, Mitacs may have concerns or become aware of unusual circumstances or information related to proposed or ongoing projects. Mitacs reserves the right to decline funding towards a proposed or ongoing project for any of the following reasons:

  • Regulatory compliance
    • Project participants have violated institutional or Tri-Agency policies regarding the responsible conduct of research, or the research methodology in the proposal does not satisfy these policies
    • Project participants have violated relevant government regulations or legislation (e.g., data protection laws, environmental regulations, import/export laws)
  • Benefit to Canada
    • The project is not feasible or viable based on the project team, approach, timeline, and available resources
    • The ultimate beneficiary of the project is unclear (or other signs of potential misappropriation of funds)
    • The project involves international collaborations and interns travelling to/from Canada, but does not demonstrate sufficient benefits to Canada
    • Intellectual property arrangements for the project may not bring benefit to Canada or may be detrimental to Canada (e.g., IP developed through significant prior Canadian government investments transferred to or replicated for foreign organizations/governments)
  • Security
    • Some project participants have ties to government/military/other organizations that could negatively impact Canada’s national security
    • Some project participants have been involved in relevant criminal acts (e.g., fraud, bribery, corruption, espionage)

Mitacs may request further information from applicants and/or program participants if concerns arise regarding any of these points.