C2 Montréal 2019

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We are participating in this year’s C2 Montréal conference with our own Jesse Vincent-Herscovici, VP Business Development as a guest speaker, May 24, 11am – 12:30pm.

C2 Montréal is the most forward-thinking business event in the world. Named best conference four years running, C2 is much more than just simply a conference. It combines progressive and inspiring content in a highly creative, festival-like setting that will blow your mind. At C2, guests transform into active participants who aren’t afraid to dive right in. C2 is for business leaders who want to lead the pack.

Who will be there?

- 7000+ participants
- 50+ countries represented
- 20+ industries
- 57% C-level+ Senior Manager
- 33% CEO
- 10% Professionals

Held in the eclectic and vibrant city of Montréal.

Interested in attending? Register here