As a publicly funded non-profit organization, Mitacs is accountable for the effective and efficient use of its resources. A conflict arises when we allow, or appear to allow, personal interest or relationships to impair our judgment and ability to make decisions with integrity and honesty.

Mitacs Hospitality Policy provides the following guidelines: 
▪ Defines allowable and non-allowable Hospitality expenditures;
▪ Approvals with respect to Gifts and Hospitality;
▪ Criteria for accepting gifts.

The Hospitality Policy overrides the Purchasing and Contractual Agreement Policy.

Hospitality Expenditures
Mitacs recognizes that Hospitality expenditures may be incurred to strengthen relationships with external government, university or industry contacts. Mitacs employees will be reimbursed for allowable Hospitality expenses as outlined in this policy.
Hospitality means for the provision of food and beverages, social or recreational activities, events and functions and gifts for external, arms-length individuals. Hospitality will only be reimbursed when incurred for strategic purposes. For example, building and strengthening relationships with external government, university or industry contacts is strategic; building and strengthening relationships with contractors and suppliers are generally not considered strategic. Mitacs team members should be aware of laws and regulations restricting and prohibiting government officials from accepting gifts or entertainment placing those officials in a real or perceived conflict of interest.

Employees below the Vice President level must have pre-approval by their supervisor to incur hospitality expenses on behalf of Mitacs. Expenses greater than $200 require pre-approval by a C-level manager or higher.