Ahoy! Research-in-a-box ships from Kelowna to Montreal

Built to withstand extreme conditions, shipping containers safeguard important assets of global trade. However, the industry often overestimates the quality of these large metallic boxes, resulting in container fleets being perpetually undermaintained. Considering approximately 20 million shipping containers complete 200 million trips per year, and that one in five shipping containers is damaged, there is huge risk involved.

It’s alive! Improved methods for growing human cells can lead to new cures

That’s why Mitacs Globalink students Friederike Floegel from Germany and Mireya Cervantes González from Mexico joined Professor Frampton’s lab at Dalhousie University in Halifax this summer. They had the opportunity to advance two new approaches for culturing cells that better replicate human tissue.

Friederike created temperature-responsive coatings to produce cells that can be detached to study the specific behaviour of cancer cells; and the coating will also make them easier to reproduce.

Dam good research: New 3D-printed dam models enable better prediction and reduce costs

Under a multi-phase project supported by commercial and educational entities, Austin Engineering creates digitally fabricated dam models for hydraulic and seismic testing at both their own hydraulics lab and at the University of British Columbia’s Applied Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures (ALAMS) in Kelowna, BC. Their most recent phase of research was followed by a prestigious international presentation.