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In the race for talent, Canadian business must go global — or be left behind

In today’s global marketplace, talent defines success. Connecting with the right talent at the right time plays a critical role in determining a company’s future — or if it’ll have a future at all. Our changing world and the growing demand for sophisticated skill sets means businesses in Canada have to expand its outreach and recruitment efforts to find the best talent.

Benoit Pelletier

Benoit Pelletier

Co-founder and Head of ENCQOR 5G at Ciena

Benoit Pelletier is the co-founder and head of ENCQOR 5G at Ciena, an industry-lead 5G collaborative innovation project between five global leaders (Ciena, Ericsson, Thales, IBM and CGI) and the Quebec, Ontario and Federal Governments, as well as our coordinating partners OCE, Prompt and ADRIQ. He is also a director, business development at Ciena.

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