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Talent is key for 5G


  • Finding skilled researchers will help Canadian businesses build a better 5G network.
  • Collaborations between industry and academia help solve research challenges related to Canada’s 5G network.
  • The ENCQOR 5G network will support Canadian 5G initiatives, such as smart cities, e-health and on-demand entertainment

In February 2020, analyst firm InsightaaS recognized the work being done by Mitacs to advance Canada’s burgeoning 5G network through its contributions to, and collaboration on, projects underway by ENCQOR (Evolution of Networked Services through a Corridor in Quebec and Ontario for Research and Innovation), a public-private partnership between the Governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, and industry leaders Ciena, Ericsson, Thales, IBM Canada and CGI.

For over 20 years, Mitacs has worked to help Canadian businesses fill their research and development needs by connecting industry leaders with skilled academic researchers from Canadian universities. Currently, Mitacs is working with ENCQOR to place 400 interns across multiple projects related to ENCQOR’s 5G network, which will develop the infrastructure needed for initiatives such as smart cities, e-health, autonomous vehicles and on-demand entertainment. 

These interns hail from post-secondary institutions across the country, including: École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), McGill University, Concordia University, Polytechnique Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO), Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke, Carleton University and University of Ottawa.

Mitacs is an integral part of research and development teams — we understand where our partners’ pain points are and help them identify which part of their research roadmap is conducive to partnering with academia. — Eric Bosco, Chief Business Development and Partnerships Officer, Mitacs

Former Mitacs intern Yousra Omran, then a PhD candidate at Université Laval, was one of the first Mitacs interns to join Ciena full-time in 2014, just two months into her internship program. An electrical engineer, Omran started out in an entry-level role to advance the company’s next-generation land and submarine network technology and advanced quickly, most recently taking on the role of Senior Manager, Global Software Upgrade Team.

“Mitacs is an integral part of research and development teams — we understand where our partners’ pain points are and help them identify which part of their research roadmap is conducive to partnering with academia,” says Eric Bosco, Chief Business Development and Partnerships Officer at Mitacs.

Once interns are placed, Mitacs also manages the collaboration to ensure it runs smoothly for all involved, and a large percentage of its interns go on to secure full-time employment at their respective placement companies.

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