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Artificial Intelligence

At Mitacs we’re smart

about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We know there are challenges to launching your AI-related projects. Lack of expertise, not knowing the resources you need or where to find them, lack of funding, fear of taking the plunge.

Those are issues that many businesses experience, but especially small and medium-size companies, who face not just all those challenges, but also worry about potentially high costs.

At Mitacs, we have developed a solution for SMEs to determine their readiness to adopt AI, to be able to work with world-leading AI experts and to do it in a cost-effective way. Companies will receive the support of artificial intelligence experts to undertake an eight-week project to evaluate their systems and discover real opportunities to use AI to achieve their business goals.  Discover more.

Mitacs has long been a pioneer in Canada’s AI ecosystem, and we’ve built strong research collaborations between industry and academia for over 20 years. With our knowledge and expertise, Mitacs enables Canadian companies to explore cutting edge AI and create a vital talent pipeline to maintain Canada’s leadership role. 

Deep Learning Is Big Business


How Mitacs Supports
The AI Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence is Big Business

Did You Know?

Accelerate Your Project

Because deep learning is so dynamic and speed is important, we'll work with you to get your project going as quickly as possible.


How fast is the process?

The streamlined process at Mitacs can be done in as little as two weeks.

How much funding is available?

Base funding starts at $15,000 per four-month project block. But you can submit multiple proposals for multiple blocks. Mitacs can fund up to 55% of a project’s total cost.

Where do I get more information?

Mitacs’s AI expert Lilia Jemai can help.

Contact Lilia Jemai

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