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ENCQOR partnership

fuels Canada’s 5G network


  • Canada’s 5G network is the next step in wireless communication.
  • In the future, 5G technology will impact all areas of life for Canadians.
  • ENCQOR is a $400-million cross-provincial partnership aimed at exploring and increasing 5G technology in Canada

In February 2018, Canada’s burgeoning 5G network received a game-changing boost with the announcement of ENCQOR (Evolution of Networked Services through a Corridor in Quebec and Ontario for Research and Innovation), a $400-million partnership aimed at increasing the speed and capabilities of Canada’s wireless networks.

ENCQOR is a public-private sector collaboration between the Governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, and five leading technology companies: Ciena, Ericsson, Thales, IBM Canada, and CGI.

ENCQOR will facilitate the creation a cross-provincial testbed between Ontario and Quebec to help develop 5G technology.

Canada’s 5G network is the next step in wireless communication. It will increase mobile speeds to 100 times what they are now, and allow for a wide array of real-time applications in all areas of life, including:

  • smart grids, which will enable workers and customers to connect via real-time video, mapping and augmented reality
  • smart cities and autonomous vehicles operating with real-time data
  • smart-health technologies, through which patients can be seen, diagnosed and even operated on virtually by physicians from anywhere in the world


ENCQOR will facilitate the creation of a cross-provincial testbed between Ontario and Quebec to develop 5G technology, and help Canadians ascend to the next level in the global digital economy. SMEs, corporations and researchers will gain vital commercial access to Canada’s 5G network; explore its possibilities and promise; and potentially derive long-term economic growth.



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