Congratulations on your acceptance to the 2022 Mitacs Globalink Research Internship cohort! This webpage has been created as a resource for you.


Accommodation resources

Globalink Research interns are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. Please see the following list of resources to assist you:

Student Fees

Globalink Research Interns are provided with a student fee stipend according to your award letter and it is up to the interns to pay the host universities if necessary.


This is a list of past GRI participants who have volunteered to be contacted to help you prepare for your internship in Canada. The password for this file was provided to you in an email. By opening this file, you agree that you will use the contact details solely for the purpose of preparing for your internship, and you will not share this list with anyone else.  



Mitacs will be purchasing insurance policies for all Globalink research interns in mid-April. Interns will receive their insurance policy information and e-cards directly in their emails from the insurance providers. Note that we work with 3 different providers based on the host province:

  1. David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd.

  Purchased for students hosted in: British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec

  For policy and additional details, visit:

  2. Guard.Me International Insurance

  Purchased for students hosted in: Ontario

  For policy and additional details, visit:

  3. Study Insured (formerly Ingle International)

  Purchased for students hosted in: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island

  For policy and additional details, visit:

keep.meSAFE Mental Wellness Program

The keep.meSAFE Program is a free and confidential professional counselling service that provides support for any school, health, or general life concerns in multiple languages and cultures. For more information, view this Student Guide.

Access counsellors in multiple languages anytime of the day or night from anywhere in the world.

  • Telephone 1-844-451-9700
  • secure clinical mobile chat through the My SSP App
  • secure clinical online chat through our website


Please see the information on banking as it becomes available (no action is required before arrival):

Tax information

Training courses and events


Support for Graduate Studies

Frequently asked questions


I don’t have a last name; how do I fill out the information on the Globalink platform?
Before you generate your Award Letter, it is important that you check that your name on the Globalink platform matches your name on your passport exactly. If your passport does not display a last name, please simply enter a space in the Last Name field on the platform.

I have a middle name; should I enter it into the First Name or Middle Name?
Please input your given names (as they appear in your passport) into the "First names" fields and your surname (as it appears in your passport) into the "Last name" field.

What address should I enter if my actual address is different from the one on my passport?
Please enter your actual permanent address into the Globalink platform, even if it differs from what is listed on your passport. 


Will Mitacs book my flight or housing for me?

It is the intern’s responsibility to arrange for their own flights and housing prior to arrival. Please be sure to refer to our Globalink Intern Information website for more information about preparation. You will find resources that will help you book your accommodation. Once you have booked your accommodation and flights, please enter the details into the Globalink platform so that we have it on file for you.

When will I get money?
Please refer to your Award Letter for details on how much money you will receive, when you will receive it and from whom. Mitacs funds are only disbursed upon intern arrival: you will receive a schedule detailing each of your funding installments. 

What kind of visa do I need to come to Canada?
For detailed information about immigration please see the "Globalink Immigration Processing Resource" on the Globalink Intern Information website.  

Please note that Mitacs cannot advise you on how to complete your immigration documentation nor provide legal advice regarding your specific immigration situation. Therefore, please be sure to review the official Canadian immigration website:  


What are the required vaccines to travel to Canada?
Mitacs is following the Canadian government’s protocol for international travellers coming to Canada. Therefore, all travellers must be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to coming to Canada. 

Note that this list of approved vaccines is subject to change at any time, so be sure to check the Government of Canada’s website: 

My vaccination status has changed since I added it on the Globalink Platform. What can I do?
Not to worry! You will be able to update the information in this section at any time, and we ask that you keep this section updated as your vaccination information changes. Please do not send us your vaccination proof or information via email. 

How do I know if my proof of vaccination is valid?
In addition to submitting your proof of vaccination on our Globalink Platform, you will also need to submit this to the Government of Canada through the ArriveCAN application 72 hours prior to your departure.  

In order to check if your proof of vaccination is valid and will be accepted by the Government of Canada, please visit > Click on “Others without Canadian proof of vaccination”.  

Please follow the instructions provided by the Government of Canada for the purpose of travel to and within Canada and ensure that you have all the required documents. Mitacs is unable to advise on these matters.  

What if I have received vaccines that are not approved by Canada?
Mitacs will follow the Canadian government’s protocol for international travellers coming to Canada. Therefore, all travellers must be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to coming to Canada. Please check if your vaccine is approved by Canada by following this link:  

Ensure you have entered your current vaccination status in the Globalink Platform. This will help Mitacs plan accordingly. For those who have indicated that they will not be fully vaccinated with vaccines that have been approved by Canada at least two weeks prior to the anticipated internship start date, we will evaluate the possibility of alternative options. We will provide an update by March. 

What does quarantine mean? How do I know if my accommodation will be suitable as a quarantine location?
Before travelling to Canada, all travellers must make suitable quarantine plans using their own means. Travellers who qualify as fully vaccinated may be exempt from quarantine: eligibility will be determined at the border. Regardless, you must still make plans for suitable quarantine before you travel and enter those plans into ArriveCAN. When you arrive at the border, you may be asked about your quarantine plan to confirm it meets requirements.

This page on the Government of Canada’s website guides you through developing a suitable quarantine plan: