Mitacs Award for Exceptional Leadership


This award recognizes academic supervisors who are both innovators themselves and who inspire that attribute in their interns. Ideal candidates are high-achieving investigators and demonstrate initiative in implementing knowledge translation to industry. In addition, they expose their interns to a variety of opportunities to apply their skills outside the postsecondary institution.


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Nomination materials


Nomination materials should take the form of letters of support from individuals able to address the nominee’s suitability for the award. Each person providing a support letter to the nomination package should include their affiliation and then address one or more of the award criteria, providing specific examples where possible.

  • 1. Developing collaborations with industry and other partners
    E.g., Encouraging industrial and other partners to engage in new or enhanced research endeavours. Developing projects with companies that had never previously engaged in collaborations with postsecondary institutions. 
  • 2. Providing valuable research and training experiences for his/her interns
    E.g., Notable achievements of former Mitacs interns who are now employed in academic or industrial research positions, who have won awards in that field of research, or who have started companies.
  • 3. Initiating research projects with significant outcomes
    E.g., High-impact research publications that cite Mitacs support (provide references to the publications) as well as patents or pending patents. Industry partners may also submit testimonials that speak to the impact of the research on their company's processes, products, or operations.
Please combine the nominee’s CV along with all support letters into a ZIP file.
Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg png tif psd pdf doc docx ppt gz sit tar zip.