The Vancouver Sun: From hydrogen to yeast: B.C. tech startups get a helping hand

Mitacs matches Canadian academics on the cutting edge of their fields with companies that need to tap into very specific skill sets.

The hydrogen fuel cell has been around for years, thanks to B.C.’s pioneering Ballard Power Systems. Fuel-cell stacks are a mature technology and their products are being rolled out around the world, including 1,000 transit buses in Europe.

Vancouver is a little behind, with just one hydrogen filling station, though six more are in the works.

Hydrogen can be made from water, or even better, from natural gas using a process that allows carbon to be captured. No real problem there.

“As soon I looked to see what was holding up the hydrogen economy, it was right there: hydrogen storage,” said Quan, CEO and co-founder of Hydrogen in Motion (H2M). “What nobody was looking at in 2012 was how to move it. As a pressurized gas it makes no sense.”




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