About Mitacs Elevate

Mitacs Elevate supports postdoctoral fellows and Canadian companies/partners collaborating on cutting-edge research projects. The program develops and builds on the skills and experience of the next generation of R&D management leaders.

In addition to a $115,000 research award over two years, fellows receive top-tier R&D management training valued at $15,000 (non-cash) that build their management skills and help them develop as leaders. Partner organizations engage Canada’s brightest minds to pursue innovation as they undertake research projects in collaboration with universities and build research and development management capacity. 

Mitacs Elevate was piloted in southern Ontario starting in 2009. The program expanded nationally in 2012 to meet high demand for research collaborations with top-ranked postdoctoral fellows, and since then, it has provided a total of $23 million in research funding. 


Mitacs Elevate is a win-win for a company like Immunovaccine. We get access to a highly-talented postdoc who is at the top of her game to do a very technically-driven project, while meeting aggressive timelines. In the long term, this partnership will better our science, while exposing us to a highly-skilled trainee that we can then draw on as we plan to expand our company.

—Marianne Stanford, Director of Research, Immunovaccine


Elevate is a one-of-a-kind program. Not only does it support scientific research, but personal and professional development is emphasized. Attending business and entrepreneurship workshops and seminars throughout my fellowship allowed me to see beyond the technical realm and grow my network, tenfold.

—Dr. Aydin Nabovati, Mitacs Elevate fellow


Mitacs would like to thank the Government of Canada and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, along with Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, the Government of British Columbia, Research Manitoba, the Government of New Brunswick, the Government of Nova Scotia, and the Government of Quebec for their support of Elevate.





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