MITACS applauds Government of Canada for new funding to support up-and-coming scientists, R&D

Toronto, ON – Thursday, March 4, 2010: MITACS Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director, Dr. Arvind Gupta, commends the Government of Canada today for new funding included in today’s Budget for research and development, including programs aimed at retaining and training PhD-holders in Canada.

“Investments in research and development are key to improving the productivity and competitiveness of Canada’s economy, and as part of that effort, we need to build the people advantage that will feed the innovation pipeline of the future,” said Dr. Gupta, a professor at the University of British Columbia. “By connecting Canadian businesses to the next generation of highly skilled knowledge workers, we can make Canada more productive and competitive; we can create more tangible economic, social and health benefits that will benefit all Canadians.

It is estimated that it can take up to $1 million per student to train some students in highly specialized areas from kindergarten to PhD. The measures taken by the Government of Canada will go a long way in helping to retain this talent and ensure these individuals become active contributors to our economy moving forward. It will also ensure Canadian industry has access to the talent pool required to innovate and increase our productivity.

“The R&D funding in this budget demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring Canada is a leader in innovation,” he said. “MITACS applauds the Government for its leadership in building the economy of the future by targeting the training and retention of our young people.”

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MITACS is national research network and Network of Centres of Excellence which connects academia, industry and government with a goal to solve complex industrial and societal challenges. In 2003, MITACS piloted the Accelerate internship program which funds graduate students and post-doctoral fellows for short-term research projects with industry.  In the first year of the program, MITACS funded 18 internships; in 2009 -2010, with the support of the federal government and the provinces, over 900 internships will be funded across Canada. For more information, visit



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