AI and machine learning at the service of the transformation of RH and its recruitment processes in business - QC-189

Preferred Disciplines: Machine Learning, AI, NLP, General knowledge of Human resources field (Masters, PhD or Post-Doc)
Project length: 3 years (48 units total; 3 units per Masters student and 6 units per PhD/Post-Doc)
Approx. start date: March 2019
Location: Montreal, QC
No. of Positions: 11
Preferences: None
Company: Anonymous

About Company:

The partner uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize human resource management decision-making, recruitment strategies and performance management reviews. It is a Human Resources software company powered by conversational artificial intelligence (AI). The Montreal start-up helps organizations access the infinite scope of possibilities that artificial intelligence and automation offers. We are dedicated to supporting technological innovation and organizational performance of human resources. Smaller businesses all face Human Resources issues and are poorly equipped to deal with them. Our strengths are what make us unique and the reason we firmly believe in our vision - releases human potential through artificial intelligence.

Summary of Project:

In a context of shortage of manpower and war of talents, the partner revolutionizes the world of recruitment. The startup is developing an avatar with a human face called PAM. Her role is to perform more than half of the recruitment process in an efficient manner. Using machine learning tools and automatic natural language processing, PAM tracks and analyzes interesting CVs on job sites. She communicates with the candidates identified via e-mail or text message to judge their interest in a vacant position. Then, she conducts an interview by chat or video. She then administers a skills exam and a psychometric evaluation to the partner’s candidates. Finally, PAM submits the top 5 candidates to the recruiter. The final decision of hiring always returning to the Human.

PAM is a simple, intelligent and interactive tool. Our ambition is to be a major player in the transformation of HR professions by building a world-class technology that is based on the latest work in AI, Machine Learning and natural language to define the best match between business and talent. Our goal is simple: to facilitate the search for highly targeted talent (active and inactive) by making the best use of new technologies as well as the latest research and innovations in AI and data processing.

This project aims to investigate how an integration of AI, statistical machine learning and rule-based techniques from the field of natural language processing could be used to automate the task of talent identification, CV processing and improve the matching and ranking results of candidates for specific job descriptions. The research aims to provide algorithms, methodology and software for the end-to-end realization of a recruitment process by a human-faced avatar (accelerated processing of a large volume of CVs, planning an interview, conducting the video interview with a human face avatar, or chatting, technical testing, psychometric testing, ranking of candidates, presentation of the best candidates to a Human Manager who is responsible for the final hiring decision).

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  1. Development of a learning solution to identify qualified talent by identifying them on Indeed, LinkedIn and other databases.
  2. Development of an AI to analyze job offers and compare them to the internal HR databases (Applicant Tracking System) of client organizations to rediscover talents that have already applied in the past and whose skills are sought for a post that has just opened.
  3. PAM's understanding and interpretation of natural language to autonomously conduct an end-to-end interview (gather information from candidates, ask interview questions, answer specific questions, schedule an interview, go through technical tests etc.)

Recruitment process

  1. Sourcing the best candidates on the job sites
  2. Handshake via email or text message with identified candidates
  3. Scheduling the interview
  4. Video interview with PAM avatar
  5. Skill test
  6. Psychometric test
  7. Ranking and identification of top candidates to submit to the recruiter for final


    • To be discussed with the researchers

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Machine learning, with focus on computer vision, natural language processing/generation etc.
    • Knowledge/Previous Studies in cloud computing will be a plus
    • Development and testing under the following environments: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android (Android studio), iOS (X code)
    • Knowledge of software development (algorithmic, data structuring, software architecture, etc.);
    • Agile development: incremental approach, sprints, iterations, testdriven development;
    • Knowledge of programming languages and current frameworks in the web world (Python,PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Angular.js, Bootstrap, etc.);
    • Test and validate the codes developed (unit and functional tests, implementation of code analysis tools, etc.);
    • Have good knowledge of Unix operating systems (Linux);
    • Standard network protocols (TCP / IP, routing mechanisms) and the most common application protocols (HTTP, SMTP, DNS, etc.);
    • Web interoperability protocol: REST, JSON, OOAuth;

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