Analysis on the effects of a change in the travel research process has on the overall experience compared to current resources - ON-110

Preferred Disciplines and Level: Master’s in Applied Computing
Company: NA
Project Length: 4-6 months (1 unit)
Desired start date: April 1
Location: Toronto, Ontario
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: Our preference would be students from Ryerson, U of T, or Waterloo. Language: English

About the Company: 

We are an early-stage start up consisting of passionate young entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create the first true social approach to travel research and planning. Our platform will change the way the world plans for travel. In our current stage we are primarly focussing and testing our unique research method and platform with young travelers. 

Project Description:

We are in need of a talented researcher with a background in web development. We are curently in the process of building a travel platform to create more connectivity amongst young travelers. Our goal is to change the current travel planning process. The research will involve working with our early users and test group (between 50-100) to identify the change in quality they have found while using our platform/planning process. The researcher will work with our development team to analyze our user data and engagement to help determine which processes on the platform have improved the quality of their planning as well as their experiences. We will look into changes in time, effectiveness, ease of use, and most importantly the differences in experiences from using our platform vs. others. The second component will involve assisting our developers to convert the analysis results into specific features and components that can be manipulated or added to the interface to further benefit travelers. The researcher will be tasked with ensuring each users input is effectively heard and turning the information into applicapable areas of the platform to improve upon. The test group will consist of mainly students traveling on an international exchange and additionally young travelers. 

Research Objectives:​

  • Firstly assist in developing a set of metrics to measure the difference our platform creates for each traveler (ie. Benefits, shortfalls, detailed comments or complaints)
  • Individually discuss metrics with each test user to determine an overall grade for the identified categories
  • Identify which categories need to be adjusted and improved, eliminated all together, or added to further add value to each traveler
  • Use development skill to physically integrate the changes into the platform with our current developers


  • The main known research approach at this time will be test groups. We have been establising relationships with exchange programs within Canadian universities to work with a small number of students from each school
  • Our goal is 10 students from 10 universities. We have spoken with 5 thus far
  • Additionally, we are open to expanding our research methods as we continue the process

Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Back-end web design skills (Node.js, React (web), React Native (mobile), CSS, Javascript, HTML, SQL)
    • Ability to extract and analyze data from our student user base (strong communication skills)
    • We will appreciate any suggestions the researcher has on the interface as we implement the knowledge from the test groups. This includes back-end systems, as well as any advice on the front-end design


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