Automated Circuit Designer for LED Integrated Banners - BC-386

Preferred Disciplines: Computing Science, Arts and Technology (graduate students)
Project length: 4-24 months (1-4 units)
Approx. start date: As soon as possible
Location: Vancouver, BC
No. of Positions: 1-2
Preferences: Partner in BC
Company: TF Massif Technologies Ltd.

About Company:

With 40 years of experience and working with a team of material and electrical engineers, TF Massif has developed our proprietary Large Area Roll to Roll Selective Deposition process. This has given us the ability to fabricate the most cost effective Large Area PE. Flexible Circuits in the world.

Summary of Project:

The project includes the development of an automated circuit designer software to optimize the circuit path for an LED circuit. The software interface receives an LED pattern, and will automatically optimize the path between the LEDs considering the circuit limitations such as no sharp edges, no overlapping of the path, etc. It will then generate the final circuit diagram as the output file.

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Modelling the graph containing the required LED positions
  • Optimizing the LED circuit path, considering the problem constraints
  • Programming the user interface to draw the final route based on the results of optimization and integrate it with the input LED position data
    • (sub-objective) LED pattern programming UI
    • (sub-objective) Automated preview generation
    • (sub-objective) Artwork analysis for automated placement 


    • Mathematical modelling and optimization of the shortest path (considering limitations)
    • Programming the user interface
    • Potential to integrate Machine Learning into next generation of software
    • Web platform integration 

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Basic understanding of graph theory, mathematical modelling, and optimization
    • Programming in C or Python
    • Familiarity with graphics formats and software (such as .SVG and Adobe Illustrator) is a plus

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