BC Cancer Agency - 5 open positions

Join a dynamic cancer genomics and computational biology/bioinformatics research team at the BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada  

The following five positions are immediately available in the Computational Biology Lab of Dr. Sohrab Shah (compbio.bccrc.ca): 

Software Developer (2013SS01)

  …..  to implement algorithms and statistical models for the purposes of analysing high throughput cancer genomics data.  The position will entail developing robust, efficient and fault tolerant software in a Linux environment using bioinformatics libraries available in the C++/C, Python and R programming languages.  This work will be used to support leading edge research in sequencing cancer genomes and identifying causal mutations in breast and ovarian cancers and lymphomas.  The end product(s) will be distributed to computational biology groups worldwide working in the field of cancer genomics.    The programmer will interact with other programmers, database developers, bioinformaticians, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and clinical collaborators in an immersive and dynamic multi-disciplinary research environment.  

Bioinformatician (2013SS02)

…..  to analyse and interpret diverse sets of high throughput genomic data derived from clinical breast and ovarian tumours.  Focused on next-generation sequencing datasets, the individual will execute advanced analyses of whole genome, whole transcriptome and other sequencing data and collate results into reportable databases to investigators. The position will focus on characterizing mutations in different cancer subtypes and determining molecular heterogeneity of large cohorts of patients to enable subtype-specific therapies for cancer patients. In addition, project and data management will be a component of this position.

Database Developer (2013SS03)

…..  to support data management of high dimensional and complex datasets.   Focused on next-generation sequencing datasets, the individual will develop robust relational database solutions to the need for efficient storage, retrieval and interfacing with human-genome level data from cancer patient tumour samples.  The database developer will interface with a team of software developers, bioinformaticians and principal investigators to ensure enterprise level integrity of genomic data.  The position will involve facilitating tight integration of genomic and clinical databases from breast and ovarian cancer research groups.  Solutions will be deployed broadly in the BC Cancer Agency.

Staff Scientist (2013SS04)

….. an experienced researcher with a PhD degree in bioinformatics, computer science, statistics or molecular biology with exceptional computational skills is needed to manage data analysis of funded projects related to cancer genome sequencing.   Projects range in scope and scale from defining mutational landscapes of tumour types to investigating tumour evolution.  The Staff Scientist will ensure timely delivery of computational interpretations of cancer genomes and work together with a dynamic group of bioinformaticians, software developers, graduate students and post-docs to meet the stated deliverables of funded research projects.    The Staff Scientist will assist in grant writing and preparation of scientific manuscripts.

Post-doctoral researcher (2013SS05)

….. to lead key research projects ongoing in the lab of Dr. Sohrab Shah.  The PDF should hold a PhD degree in bioinformatics, computer science, statistics or molecular biology and possess exceptional computational skills.   The research will focus on one or more of the following topics, all related to analysis of next generation whole genome sequencing data: i) quantifying and modeling tumour evolution; ii) germline genetics and hereditary cancer; iii) alternative splicing in cancer; iv) the mutational landscape of triple negative breast cancer.  The PDF will design and carry out experiments to address key questions in the above topics and lead the writing of scientific manuscripts.   Highly motivated individuals with a desire to make an impact in the field of cancer genomics are encouraged to apply.

If interested, send a CV, cover letter and contact information for three references to CareersMolOnc@bccrc.ca and quote job number in the subject line.

Additional information at http://molonc.bccrc.ca/shah-lab/