Call for Innovative Project Proposals - QC-109

Preferred Disciplines : Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the fields of smart city, transport, energy, media, etc.  – Master and PhD Level
Company : Montreal Ericsson Garage 
Project Length : 12 internships, 4 to 8 months each
Desired start date : As soon as possible
Location : Montreal, Qc
No. of Positions : 12
Preferences : Open to students and professors all over Canada

About the Company : 

The Montreal Ericsson Garage is an incubator with the purpose of proving the value of new embryonic ideas, products and services. Creating a bases for decisions to make investments to further develop and sell new products or services.

The Montreal Ericsson Garage's physical location is at the Montreal R&D center newly constructed. There are also other Ericsson Garage located in our major R&D sites worldwide. Opportunities to collaborate with other garages can be explored.

Project Description :

In collaboration with Mitacs, Ericsson Garage Montreal has the pleasure of inviting Graduate Masters and Ph.D. candidates to participate in this National Call for Innovation Proposals.

Applicants whose project have been selected will be awarded remunerated applied research internships to work on his/her innovation challenge for a period of 4 to 8 months, supported and mentored by Ericsson professionals. This invitation is being sent in the hope of promoting the exciting initiative to a wide Canadian academic audience. In order for a proposal to be considered, the graduate candidates must be eligible to hold a Mitacs Accelerate award.

The importance of innovation and searching for new opportunities cannot be underestimated for a company acting in a fast changing industry. The purpose of Ericsson Garage is to be a place for exploring new ideas and developing minimum viable products to prove that these innovations are sustainable opportunities.

The Montreal Ericsson Garage is an open lab environment in which ecosystem players in the networked society will develop their ideas. This includes students, start-ups, Ericsson employees, and partners.

Research Objectives :

The focus will be initially on the design and prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the fields of smart city, transport, energy, media, etc.

Methodology :

Ericsson Garage projects are encouraged to use "Lean Startup" methodology to work in short incremental steps and in close collaboration with an external partner to focus on the essential functionality and usability of the minimum viable product (MVP).  A minimal viable product is a required result of every Ericsson Garage project. The MVP and other outcome of the projects may be presented to potential expected receiver. If there is an investment interest, the receiver of the results may continue the commercialization of the innovation outside Ericsson Garage. The innovation can either be further developed and sold at an Ericsson business unit or continue as an independent spin-off. The Ericsson Garage team provides support and coaching to strengthen the project teams.

Services available:

Becoming part of Ericsson Garage is getting a privileged access to :

  • A wide network of skilled employees, experts in a variety of domains from telecommunications, tv&media, IOT, services and systems integration.
  • Dedicated mentoring and coaching from ideation to minimum viable product
  • A dedicated physical space
  • A cloud infrastructure through the Ericsson Global ICT datacenter in Vaudreuil
  • A sales channel positioned internationally

Expertise and Skills Needed :

  • ​Being entrepreneurial

For more info or to apply :

  1. Applicants need to complete the enclosed notice of intent template and submit it via email to Lucie Robert at lucie.robert(a), Research Project Coordinator for Ericsson Montreal.
  2. Selected projects will be invited to complete a Mitacs Accelerate Application Form, to be submitted to Mitacs for scientific review.
  3. Innovative students and their Professors interested in submitting a proposal are encouraged to communicate and openly discuss the scope of their intended project with Ericsson. Interested parties are welcome to contact Denis Monette, Manager of Research at Ericsson, denis.monett(a), or Jesse Vincent-Herscovici, Sr. Account Manager and team lead at Mitacs, jvh(a)