Cargo Transport Airship Concept Validation - ON-120

Preferred Disciplines and Level: Aeronautical engineering and aerodynamics/structures. (Master, PhD, Post-Doc)
Company: Buoyant Aircraft Systems International
Project Length: 8 months (2 units)
Desired start date: August 1, 2018
Location: Tiny, Ontario
No. of Positions: 2 interns
Preferences: Universities in the Toronto area. Language: English          

About the Company: 

BASI is a world leader in lighter than air or buoyant aircraft technology and wishes to become the builder of the world’s first heavy cargo specific airship.

Project Description:

Significant work has been done to narrow the conceptual design using Soilidworks 3D CAD. These files  now require validation. This can be achieved through the use of but not limited to, detailed 3D CAD modeling, to include, aerodynamics CFD of various shapes, materials and methods structural engineering, FEA/stress analysis.

Research Objectives:​

  • To validate the existing conceptual designs
  • To record valuable and accurate technical data for use during certification through Transport Canada Civil Aviation


  • Significant computer modeling using organized work packages
  • Virtual and physical 3D modeling leading to validation

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Significant use of FEA and CFDs that pertain to aircraft aerodynamics of large shapes
  • High level 3D Solidworks and modeling

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